How to Dress for Plus Size Body

Finding flattering clothes can be a little frustrating to many plus size women. As a plus size woman I learned through trial and error how best flatter my body shape. This article will tell you what is flattering for older women to wear, and where you can find the right clothes.


  • Find the shape. Not all plus size women have the same shape! It is important to find the form. I am a pear shaped (small waist, big bottom/thighs) and having a tough time finding pants that don’t gap at the back waist. Some women are apple shaped (small on top and bottom, big in the middle) and need some pants that don’t sag at the bottom.

  • Once you discover what shape you are you can decide what kind of clothes will suit you best. In general most plus size women look better in vertical rather than horizontal stripes. Most people don’t look good in gaudy colours. Large prints hateful can attract attention “hot spots” and are not very flattering. Wear pants or shoes that are the same color as the pants can create the illusion of long legs. In particular, pear shapes should look for clothes that skim the hips and emphasize their upper half. Apple’s shapes should seek to create a “fake” life by adding fullness at the top and the legs and waist cinching at the waist.
  • Find a store that caters to your size and shape. Many stores are now wear clothes for specific forms (besides just petite and tall). Find one that has the type of clothing that appeals to you. Our site carries the trendy clothes that might appeal to a younger crowd. Our site a more casual selection vectors and is aimed ata more mature buyer. A simple Google search lists many other stores that might be better suited to your personal taste.
  • Try on clothes! I cannot stress this enough step-try on clothes before buying (or in the case of mail order and Internet, before removing the tag). Each manufacturer has a different set of measures ranging from making their formats. A trademark of 18 in one dimension can be a size 22/24 in another brand. Even if you have purchased other items from the same store, be sure and try out the new leaders. Different fabrics and cuts can change the way that an item will fit.
  • Get a friend to give you an honest assessment of what looks best on you. Haveany ideas of what we think we should be better, but sometimes it helps to get the advice of a friend. You don’t see all sides of yourself, and how the garment moves with you. A friend is invaluable for this.
  • Become friends witha stapler. Do not hesitate to have clothes altered. Look around to find a seamstress who can work with your budget. Worth spending some money up front, if in the long term have clothes that fit properly and look good.
  • Maintain a sense of humor. I used to get frustrated and angry when I went shopping. Helps keep the mood light and don’t let see it as a chore. Remember the last time you found the perfect item, in your size and on sale? You will find a deal like this again, someday. Keep looking and make it into a game. You will be more open to try items that you might not notice if you were in a bad mood.