How to Dress for a Wedding

You have an invitation to a wedding this summer and you’re in need of inspiration for your outfit?

Here are basic tips to avoid missteps in addition to some ideas of clothing trends.

1. No to white, unless otherwise

Except where otherwise explicitly avoid absolutely to wear white and all its variations (ivory, cream and company) to a traditional wedding. This color is reserved for the bride, it’s an unwritten rule!

Even in the case of a less traditional marriage, if you have any doubt, check directly with the bride and groom or refrain.

Note: Yes, there may be white in the print-out of your wedding dress picked via Weddinginfashion. The important thing is that it does not dominate.

2. The dark is allowed… and same trend!

My clients regularly ask me if they can wear black marriage. If there was a time when it was not recommended to wear black to a wedding, it is no longer the case today.

It is above all to harmonise our little black dress to wedding style to which we will attend. A long black dress can be very elegant for a chic wedding in a big hotel, while a dress black cocktail is quite appropriate for a wedding urban and trendy.

Add simply a festive note with colorful accessories.

3. Respect the theme of the wedding, if there is

To choose an appropriate outfit, it is essential to take into account the overall theme and the marriage takes place.

If you know the bride and groom, rely on their personal style: this is a good indication to consider!

For example, this dress would be ideal for a wedding at retro theme:

4. We match our look with one of our companion

Without making too ‘small kit coordinated’, which is also very discouraged, we ensure that our respective outfits coexist harmoniously.

And it will be so much nicer on the photos!

Inspirations trend of outfits for the wedding

1 combo skirt size high + high cut short

Reminder: we does not reveal the navel.

2. the jumpsuit

For those who want to wear something other than a skirt or dress. We love the lace of this refined combination back.

3. floral or botanical prints

Batteries in the bucolic tone of the season!

Tropical print neoprene: ultra trendy!

4. Bright colors