How to Dress for 1950s Party

The 1950s featured fashion trends that reflect the sensibilities of post World War II the country and the changing attitudes of the late 1950s / early 1960s to the organizers, a “party 50 years on the theme requires research that some of the trends of the decade survive as pillars of the current mode. Like cultural figures such as Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elvis Presley and Doris Day, 50-years time, people kept fashion-conscious cupboards filled with items ranging from skirts to form-fitting saddle shoes poodle.


Choose a hairstyle. Choose a recognizable hairstyle that enjoys popularity in the 1950s beehive, curly updos, pixie cuts and Betty Paige bangs style dominated the choice of hairstyle of the decade of the post-World War II.

Choose a vintage outfit. The 1950s party dresses were ushered in the rock ‘n’ roll era while maintaining fast for dresses and slinky skirts popular. poodle skirts, bobby socks, skirts and dresses with bright patterns are in the cabinets of many “women-50s era. While some of the “tariff fashion 50s-era enjoyed a revival in popularity in recent years, many of these items can be found at specialty clothing stores or via special order a suit retailer on the Internet.

Choose accessories. In the 1950s, women’s clothing accessorized with silk gloves or thin fabric, cat-shaped glasses, hair clips, bracelets and colorful jewelry. Women also put on petticoats, girdles, bras and reach the figure-hugging seems popular mid-century.

Choose a hairstyle. 1950s hairstyles men saw the rule cuts peaks military-inspired dishes or buzz, the pompadour inspired Elvis Presley and tail duck classic ointment-impregnated, carried by the subculture of grease at the time.While these original hairstyles in the 1950s, most remain popular with the fashion conscious with celebrities and artists seeking inspiration retro look.

Choose an outfit. Generally, the mainstream fashion of the 50s era of men reflects a disciplined approach to dressing. The men wore full suits made of dense tissue most of the time. Colours were in the more conservative range from black to dark gray. As the decade progressed, the popularity of leather jackets and polo shirts inaugurated a pre-60s fashion revolution for men. Furthermore, jean inspiration faded movie star also seized as the decade advanced.

Choose an accessory. The accessories of the 1950s men began and ended with the selection of a hat. Fedoras which correspond to the selection of the color of the selected result dominated the selection of the day. In addition, the color of conservative links have also been brought with the selection of the combination of the day.