How to Dress an H Body Shape

I already gave you styling tips for the Figure type A. Today I want to show friends what womens clothing plus size Figure type H fits.

Women feel often unfeminine, with the body of a H-types because they lack the soft, feminine curves. There is little waist, shoulder, body and hips are almost the same width.

With this rectangular body shape, it is all the more important to know what plus size outfits are appropriate and beneficial. Curves basically visually to create. As you betonst your benefits, you can find out here.

My styling tips with an H-type character form

  • feminine accessories (flowers, grinding), playful details (ruffles, transparent materials, lace, Ruffles) at the clothing Miss femininity, E.g. Insert décolleté or shoulder of the boyish figure
  • female patterns and colors and materials
  • straight-cut tops, blouses, tunics and dresses
  • Skirts or dresses with below female issued or curved part
  • untailliert tailored coats and jackets
  • V-necks, round neck openings
  • Asymmetrical cuts, which visually add curves figure type H
  • Straight or slim cut trousers

What is not An H-type character form

  • Wide cut trousers
  • Tight-fitting tops and tops in large sizes
  • Fashion styles which accentuate your body Center
  • Turtleneck Sweater

Bottom line: For your plus size blouses put best accents on anyblouses. That you succeed with a dark, narrow pants, which stretches you.

In addition to emphasize the lines, high heel shoes are essential! An asymmetrical, straight bodice with beautiful cut-out – and already you have an optimum styling for the character type H.