How to Determine the Original Designer Sunglasses

To maintain healthy eyes and preventing wrinkles around them must protect them from the blinding sunlight. It is for this purpose and invented sunglasses. There is no doubt that we must not only be stylish and beautiful, but also quality and safety. Therefore it is best to buy only branded sunglasses. The winning companies care about their reputation because they ensure the protection of the eyes from UV rays and can boast the most modern design.

Brand Women’s Sunglasses

Among the most popular on the domestic market of branded sunglasses for women are:

  • Brand Sunglasses Ray Ban. This brand is considered a leader in this field. Ray-bin card always stylish and made of high quality materials, they are not cheap but fully meet its price. That they often choose world movie stars and pop. Trend again this year were “The Aviator” with a mirror finish.
  • Glasses “Polaroid”. These glasses most effective absorption of ultraviolet light, healthy and very easy. Usually they use professional athletes, but also to a wider audience, are also available.
  • Points fashion houses “Chanel”, “Gucci”, “Prada”, “Furla”, “Dior”, “Armani” and so on. These brands mainly pay attention to product design. So if you – the hunter fashion novelties, original frames and colored lenses – choose the right model of sunglasses lines of those marks at

How to Determine the Original Designer Sunglasses?

Brand sunglasses are expensive, so hunters easy money uhischryayutsya their counterfeiting, what makes it so skillfully that differ from the original is very difficult. So, what you should pay attention not to spend money on accessory?

  • Indicate the original is always the passport. You can also ask the seller to show a certificate of quality and goods. Vintage is sure to be an accomplice in the catalog.
  • Sold original branded sunglasses complete with cover and a napkin.
  • In parentheses vintage glasses and always shows the number of code tones model of producers and sizes side brackets.
  • Brand sunglasses will not bring discomfort. So if you walk a little with glasses and feel pain, pressure or other discomfort in the eyes, this is false.