How to Decorate with Wallpaper

Reception and storage of your sticker

Don’t forget!

If you do not ask your sticker on receipt: keep it in its original packaging.
If you have unpacked it, it should be re – wrap as initially and put it back in its box (bag plastic, tube and box).Keep it in a dry place and away from heat.

Another technique of laying

A process used by professionals

The water laying technique is used for large glazing, surfaces metal, plastic or lacquer bright type bodywork. A ban on matte or porous surface.
She is to spray a slightly soapy water on the sticker and the support. This allows to easily adjust adhesive décor of large dimension on a type glazing or lacquer surface or surface ice and very grippy. The water is then evacuated as laying pressing strongly with the squeegee. This method is usually reserved for specialists and large stickers.

What are the recommended media?

Only on smooth surfaces

Most smooth media agree to the installation of our decorative wall stickers (paints, lacquers, laminates, paper-painted, metal surfaces, glass…see all themes on Are excluded the grainy, not smooth, surface type coatings wall paintings of glass or some paintings.
Tip: On special coatings, prefer the installation of the wall sticker on a transparent medium, acrylic glass, for example, available in supermarkets to DIY. Wall mounted, your décor will be the most beautiful effect.


Compatibility of materials, tests do-it-yourself

Recently implemented paint surfaces should be dry for at least three weeks or already completely hardened.For compatibility, you can perform a preliminary test of strength of the backing: place a strong adhesive tape on a non-visible part (24 hours) to check the integrity of your media (removal of it, your paint or other coating does not tear, Peel, tear…) Put on healthy materials only. Do not use on paintings and/or subject to the separation wall coverings (like scaling, it results from a loss of adhesion and integrity of the paint film. The detachment can occur between the layers, or to the level of the support). Read carefully the implementation advice.
Do not leave the stickers and packaging within the reach of children.