How to Decorate with 5 Lighting Items Find in Thony

The lighting may well be that special touch missing in your decorating project!After all, product choices are what are not lacking in the market, each with features that provide different effects in each environment.Check out some of the products that you find in Thony and the inspirations to use them in your home!

How to Decorate with 5 Lighting Items Find in Thony


A column lamp, often called a floor lamp, is a great piece to make more pleasant reading corner or room of rest.If you want to print more personality in the decoration, the tip is to use the lamp in the room.


Available in several shapes, this type of pendant has appeared in many designs of decoration.It is a good way to give a contemporary touch to the decor, and can get even more interesting when in a mix composition several forms.The white version also provides a nice effect.


The fabric and crystal chandelier is perfect for anyone who wants to highlight ambiences through lighting while still giving a sophisticated touch.The tip here is to let the piece “shine by itself” and leave the rest of the decor more discreet.


This is a type of lamp that we see a lot in kitchen projects, but of course, is free to any environment you want to use.To make the design even more industrial, opt for the gray color models.


The blinker-style light strings are the alternative for those looking to give a relaxed character to the environment.It is also worth betting on the luminous hoses that, as we have shown here , have appeared in many projects.In both cases, using them around shapes and objects is always a good request!

Now that you’ve checked the tips to use chandeliers in the decoration is only avail discounts in lighting products on eHuzhou and in physical stores of Thony! In addition to LED lamps , lamps and pendants , the fabric chandeliers and crystals are also priced especially!