How to Decorate Walls with Stickers

How to decorate the walls with Stickers: we need an original idea to paint and give life to the white walls of our House, tired of doing the usual touch-up painting now let’s see together how we can decorate the walls with beautiful wall decals, wall stickers are used to cover the walls.

The Stickers aren’t just decorations for masonry walls, but on any surface while it is smooth and well cleaned, (mirrors, doors, furniture and appliances). On the market we find a varied choice, very easy to put on and does not require any special experience and even less of a lot of work

on the walls. A recommendation to clean thoroughly every base where we intend to apply our stickers, now we remove the paper back of our sticker (stickers) with a clean cloth, stretch it well and we’re careful not to let the air in the implementation we will avoid the famous bubbles, and if that happens just take a pin prick the bubble and blow gently with the cloth above and the problem is solved.

If we are going to decorate a living room wall, with this method, everything becomes easier, we choose the most suitable designs to our style of furniture that we have in our living room, we can put a fake library always with Stickers, flowers or trees, sunsets and all a matter of taste. Landscapes would look good in a zone of passage as the corridor would give a glance, for kids room andrei on classic cartoons, or animals cats that climb, dogs running, chicks and much more for the little ones there is to have fun.

Also the room more unusual, like the bathroom we can apply figures that convey serenity and relaxation, I’m going to poke around the internet by following advice from those who know the practice of Visual relaxation, I would opt for colors and rivers, sea, which are items that personally I relax, but everyone has his own way, so here is the host’s imagination and self-knowledge. We have a chance to fill empty spaces and corners of any place of our House, for example do not like much the ornaments, why recall dust, I would replace the corner with a nice stickers of Neovideogames would refine it with a small light that starts from the bottom to emphasize the design you chose for that corner. There are different resolutions although must cover a whole wall.