How to Decorate the Sofa Wall? Part 1

Most of the time, especially in small rooms, the sofa sits against a wall. And what can be done in it to complete the decoration? Many things! Let’s see some:

When the color is the protagonist: Painting with a color different from the other walls-A much used and daring option in color, since it tires less the look, because people sitting on the sofa do not see according to EZINESPORTS.

An environment that would be neutral without the purple wall and objects and details in yellow, contrasting colors that create a big impact and turn the room into a colorful burst using only two colors (see what and contrasting colors with the Which you can get this same effect)
But if your goal is to create warmth and / or tranquility, darker neutral colors, such as this gray, a brown or a beige from medium to dark, work better.
In both situations, if you want the color of the wall to stand out, leave plenty of free area. If, on the other hand, you want the color to appear less, put screens, pictures, shelves, and more objects on the wall.
And we still have all the effects with color: stripes, reliefs, glitter, paintings, etc.
When other coatings are used: There are as many coatings as possible, such as stones, wallpaper, various types of panels, ceramics, wood, bricks, burnt cement, plaster, drywall (creating niches, for example), laminate, fabric.
In large rooms, the stone gives an imposing rusticity. In small rooms fillets or the small area coverage gets less heavy.

A little darling of those who like the rustic and the industrial, the brick can be added to the wall (there are models with little depth for this) or you can remove the coverings until you reach the bricks, leaving them in sight. Another option is the wallpapers and even ceramics that mimic the bricks.
Already in this room the sofa in a different position, of quina, with a lambri at the bottom andgreen paint (used in several elements in the room) at the top. See how the mirror beautified and brought the light from the outer area to that corner.
Wallpaper in purple and white (matching with the pink tones of the sofa and cushion) and mirror with gold frame, repeated color on the cushions and the wooden parts of the sofa.
Fiber panels, concrete and other materials cause a great effect, especially when well lit.
Realize that being the most important coating, the use of other props can (and should) be diminished or until there is nothing else besides the coating, so that it can be seen and greatly admired.