How to Cover Eyebrows

To some characterization or fantasy make-up, it is necessary to cover the natural eyebrows to then design new ones and how we do it? There are different techniques, a more professional and more at home, but it will depend on the type of result that we want to obtain, choose one or another system.

I used to cover the eyebrows with Spirit Gum or Mastix + artificial meat. The result was the best that I have tested, although, it is a somewhat expensive material and that not everyone has access to buy since it is a product for professional use and are sold in specialty stores. Also need a specific make-up Remover, which personally I find it quite aggressive according to MAKEUPNECESSITIES.
Lately I am it just practicing with Derma Wax of tears, which is very fast work and which gives a quite acceptable result. In addition, it is also very easy to remove. But it is also a professional product, its price is quite affordable (surroundings to 12 euros).
There are who also covers her brows with SOAP in pill or glue for school use in bar format. I specifically these two systems have not used, so I can’t give you my opinion about them, but personally I think are not products indicated or appropriate for use in the eye area.
In this video, Petrilude makes a comparison with two of the above systems. So you can see at once both results and value which is that most suits your needs.