How to Contour Your Face

Contouring of the latest hype is in the United States. The celebrities swear by it, fashionistas do it.Kim Kardashian is arguably one of the currently most popular celebrity ladies who transformed into a work of art your face with contouring. Contouring is a means for obese women to make their beautiful site more beautiful. It involves nothing more than natural shades in the face through the use of light and dark to create.

What is contouring?

Contouring is a special form of painting, in which the face is modeled or features are stressed. Using shades and nuances, parts of the face are stressed, highlighted, visually narrowed or pushed into the background. The master of the Contourings reach with this kind of make-up, to give a perfect shape of her face. At the end, it is unearthly beautiful and spotless.

Plus size ladies can skillfully applied highlights, a rotund face or other parts of the optical change. In combination with the contouring, you can compensate with a few makeup handles proportions.It needs to move only a little practice and a little material, so that also sustain the looks on your beautiful make-up face and your problem areas far away in the background.

How can you outline your face?

For the, you highlighter will need brushes and matching makeup including (cream) powder and colours. The color palette of the powder should range from very bright to Brown, so you can have as many opportunities, to contour your face. It’s worth before making a color analysis of your face to buy colour-matched products. So the shades as possible of course, and not mask-like look, it is advisable to test them out during daylight hours.

What you can use for the contouring: E.g. the palette with contour, bronze and highlight by smashbox test:

  • First, wash and you grundierst your face.Then you need a dark and a light powder, with which you can set accents in the face.
  • The nose is optically thinner by wearing on a narrow, lighter powder tone or even a concealer on the bridge of the nose.On the sides of the bridge of the nose is contoured with a slightly darker color.
  • You betonst cheek bones by wearing on a darker shade in the natural cave under the cheek bones, pulled up to the base of the hair.As a result the appears deeper, so your face looks altogether narrower.
  • A double chin is moved in the background is painted with a dark powder and towards your Chin will be brighter.
  • Cheekbones and forehead well emerge when you’re wearing a dark face powder on.

Examples of more pronounced facial features – contouring on pinterest.