How to Configure an IP Camera Internet

The mobile phone iPhone has become the indispensable everyday phone as it offers features ….

Among all of these features, you can now add the ability to make the video surveillance.

Do not think this is complicated! Our site, your specialist CCTV for over 6 years, offers to guide you step by step to complete this task.

Beforehand, you should choose the one or more cameras IP Internet that will be best suited to your video surveillance needs. To assist you, Our site a special posted on its website three internet IP cameras models, designed to meet all your security needs of people and goods. The three cameras available are the following:

  • an IP camera wireless indoor infrared
  • a motorized IP camera Wifi internet
  • an outdoor video surveillance IP camera for wifi

Besides being available on Iphone, these wireless cameras can be viewed on the Internet, via your favorite web browser. There are also two articles on our blog dedicated to setting the internet Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet

  • Tutorial: how to set up an IP camera on internet Mozilla Firefox, and access our live demo?
  • Tutorial: how to set up an IP camera on internet Microsoft Internet Explorer, and access our live demo?

Set your iPhone and Safari to view an IP internet camera:

We invite you to discover below the configuration steps to set up your iPhone or the Safari web browser, and access our camera internet IP-live demo.

1 / Launch Safari and go to the home page of the IP camera by clicking the following link: IP camera Internet connection Page live demo

2 / The following screen appears. On the latter, press the “Login” button:

3 / Once this option is selected, you will be asked to enter the login credentials:

User: demo
Password: demo

4 ° / You then have access to the internet IP camera live.

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