How to Configure Access DVR CCTV Cameras

The purpose of this tutorial is to help you configure your Smartphone to access your security cameras. This is an objective explanation and illustrating with a complete walkthrough. In the example below we did the configuration using an iPhone, however the procedure to configure Android is exactly the same.

The application that we use for this tutorial was the VMEYE because we think he is the simplest and most comprehensive of all according to phonecations. It works for most of the DVR’s, for example the Luxvision, Giga, Neocam, Alartec, and others. If you follow the step by step correctly, trying to connect and the screen remain black, redo the settings using another application. You can try with the MEYE, ASEE, TMEYE, etc.
Come on then?
Step 1:
Go to your phone’s application store, Apple Store for iPhone and Play Store for Android.
Step 2:
Click on search and look for the VMEYE app.
Step 3:
Click for free to download and install the app.
Step 4:
Locate the app installed on your Smartphone.
Step 5:
Open the application and click settings.
Step 6:
Click manage devices or adding devices.
Step 7:
On blank screen fill in the spaces with the connection parameters and save.
Step 8:
Tap the center of the screen and choose the channel you want to view.
Step 9:
Switch between cameras by clicking on the numbers of channels.
Is it friends, we hope to have helped them and continue to accompany our articles and tutorials.