How To Combine Dark Lipstick With Your Glasses

Learn How to combine dark lipstick with your glasses. In this respect, you will give tips and suggestions of looks, able to harmonise the model of the frame with the makeup. Simple measures that make all the difference and let the look much more balanced.

How To Combine Dark Lipstick With Your Glasses

Many women find the combination of glasses and makeup as something unlikely. LEDO mistake. In fact, you can use the accessory quietly and combine it to different makeup styles. The secret of perfect production balance eyeliner, eye shadow and lipstick.

How To Combine Dark Lipstick With Your Glasses

Split up some tips infallible of combining dark lipstick with your glasses. See:

Enhance Your Style And Occasion

To combine eyeglasses with the makeup, according to  floralamakeup, it is very important to enhance the style and occasion. In the case of a job interview, for example, the dark lipstick or with strong colors should be avoided. The ideal is to paint the mouth with a color more discreet and behaved, as is the case of nude or pale pink.

The situation changes when it comes to a graduation or birthday party of 15 years. In this case, it is possible to adopt more colored frames and a dark lipstick, without fear of being happy.

Prefer A Neutral Frame

If you have the habit of using ASOs in makeup, as in the case of wine and purple, so it’s worth buying eyeglasses with neutral frame. This piece will not let the look overworked, so you can leave all the highlight in the region of the mouth.

Combine Colors

It costs nothing to analyze the color wheel to find a perfect match between the colors of the glasses and the lipstick. In this system, the direct opposite means more balanced color. Therefore, check the color of your lipstick, dark circle and find the most harmonic tonality. You can also analyze system considering the color of the frame of the glasses to create a harmonious look.

If your prescription glasses have green frame, so he quietly harmonizes with lipstick red or wine. Already the purple lipstick combines with Golden or yellow frame. If it’s too difficult to use the color wheel, then create harmonious productions combining cold and hot colors.

Avoid The Monochrome

Avoid creating a monochromatic look in time to match your glasses with dark lipstick. So, nothing to develop a makeup with the same colors of the frame. You can, however, create a “tone on tone”, as in the case of combination between purple and lilac.

Now you know How to combine dark lipstick with your glasses. Put these tips into practice and ensure a harmonious production for different occasions. Keep the world of tribes and see other articles about fashion and beauty.