How to Clean Your Helmet Visor

Floor and mainly travelling by bike is always great, however some care must be taken not only in the maintenance of the bike, but also on maintaining their protective equipment, in particular the helmet .

So you can always make a safe trip is very important to clean the helmet visor, because it is she who protects your eyes and allows you to see in sunny or rainy days.

Separated here some interesting tips to maintain your helmet visor, see:

  1. Read and follow all instructions from your visor (when one exists). Not all visors can be cleaned the same way and, therefore, the manufacturers instructions may vary.
  2. Clean the visor immediately after each use to easily remove dirt, dust and the grimy. Some manufacturers only allow their visors are clean with warm water and a soft cloth, since the chemicals can harm the surface. Rinse completely and dry with a clean cloth to provide brightness.
  3. Clean the visor of the helmet with shampoo for babies, water and a soft cloth, if the manufacturer allows use of SOAP. First, rinse the visor with clean water. Then, place a few like shampoo with lukewarm water. Soak the visor and wash the motorcycle helmet with a soft cloth, hitting the light cloth–without rubbing. Dry with a clean cloth.
  4. Use a cleaner for visors of helmets and a lens cleaner (consult the manufacturer).
  5. Treat the visor of the helmet with a water-repellant and sunblock (if allowed by the manufacturer). This type of product will protect the surface, besides improving your visibility.
  6. Store the visor in a soft bag when she is not in use to protect it against scratches and damage. Keep it away from extreme temperatures.
  7. Place the visor aside, never, when she is separated from the helmet. Do not bend or twist the eyecup to remove her helmet.


  • Change the visor more or less every two years, whenever she scratch and that interfere with your vision. Keep your visor clean will help enough to reduce scratches. Even so, inevitably she will be scratched and damaged with the sneezing of mud or stones that fly through the air, with the tours in forests, etc.
  • Never clean a visor of helmet with an abrasive cleaner or paper towels (which can scratch your surface).