How to Clean the Thermos?

Learn in This Matter How to Clean the Thermal Bottle!!

The thermal bottle is an indispensable item for most Brazilians and serves to preserve hot liquids (especially our beloved coffee). But after some time of use, it is normal for the internal and even the threads to look dirty.

Several people try to take the internal specks and the remnants of coffee with the knife, spoon cord, steel wool or abrasive cleaning products. With this, the chance to cause more damage to the bottle and add even more dirt is bigger.

Therefore, most experts and manufacturers advise the cleaning without force or abrasives. In addition to cleaning, sterilizing and not damaging the object, you still avoid effort.

Check the Recipe for How to Clean the Thermal Bottle Indicated for Various Types.

Wash the outer part of the bottle thoroughly with water and neutral detergent

Boil a liter of water

Hope to cool a little bit

Pour the contents into the bottle

Add a tablespoon of baking soda for each litre of water

Leave resting for at least 2 hours

Remove all Fluid

Fill again with lukewarm water

Let’s act for 10 minutes

In bottles that operate with pressure, the top must be sanitized with water and detergent. The pipe where the coffee passes can be submerged in the solution of water and baking soda.

Now your thermal bottle is clean, free from impurities and odors to get a fresh new coffee. How about preparing one now following our recipes?