How to Clean a Leather Jacket at Home

When you have dirty or stained garments generally decides to machine launder or wash them by hand. If the dirty heads are mild, such as a leather jacket that is used for years and never goes out of style you choose to take them to the laundry. In this case you leave in the hands of experienced people who know how to handle them. This, however, involves costs that are sometimes difficult to sustain. Reading the tutorial you can get some pointers on how to clean the head with the DIY method, with a few ingredients and in an economical way.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Cleansing milk
  • Cloth
  • Brush

At the beginning you should test if the material of your garment is of smooth and suede-like or if it is clear or dark. This is important because each material has its own treatment modalities. After you identify the stain should not be alarmed thinking that does not go away. You should read the label located inside the Cape on which are listed the names of tissues and washing mode.

It is best to use the washing with water as it can damage the surface and texture of the skin. You have to take a cloth and pour a small amount of cleansing milk. You can safely use what you have at home or what you use to remove. The facial skin is quite delicate, almost like your jacket. It is appropriate to treat the stain before it dries out and that is absorbed, i.e. as soon as you notice it.

The suede care is required. It is advisable to moisten a cloth with water and wipe the stained part. If you do not ruin you can proceed with the cleansing milk, especially if it wasn’t enough the first attempt to remove the stain. It is preferable to make the classic test on a hidden part of the garment. You can find sprays, gels and creams are suitable to solve this kind of problem. It is true that these products are not cheap, but generally are not effective enough.

If you decide to buy one of these leather jackets from Thefreegeography you should read the instructions on the package. The products must be spread evenly with a brush or a cloth. Any way you choose you have a very good result. In this way you can keep your jacket, without having to throw. If you must wash because it is used often and need a deep cleaning the right thing to do is bring it to the laundry.