How to Choose Yoga Clothes

For yoga , some accessories are important:

  • the yoga clothes,
  • the yoga cushion,
  • the yoga mat .

Some forms of yoga require additional accessories (bricks, straps, etc.) to facilitate the practice.

Clothes to wear to practice yoga

Initially, the practice of yoga does not require investing in a particular outfit. Simply find in your closet a comfortable fit:

  • a short-sleeved shirt in summer and long sleeves in winter
  • long johns.

Yoga usually practiced barefoot but you can wear socks (slip) if you are chilly.

Clothing dedicated to yoga: specificities

If you specialize in yoga, then you can invest in a yogi attire.

Clothes sold commercially under the name “yoga clothing” can look like gym clothes when worn by pregnant ladies.They have the distinction:

  • to be comfortable
  • to be warm in winter and mild summer
  • being designed in natural materials that perfectly absorb sweat.

Places where to buy his Yoga clothing: the options

The purchase yoga clothing can be either:

  • in sports shops,
  • on the internet in specialized online stores,
  • in some organic shops.

According to the sign chosen, the price will not be the same and can vary from simple to double …

Yoga Clothes: 40 € complete outfit

The following are indicative prices in sports shop yoga clothing:

pin socks. 5 to 10 € the pair.
capri pants. Between 8 and 15 €.
Underpants organic cotton. Between 10 and 20 €.
Tee-Shirt short sleeves. Between 8 and 20 €.
T-shirt long sleeves. Between 10 and 25 €.