How to Choose Toys for Kid During Growth


Choose the right toys during the growth of your children is a very important thing. You must evaluate the game suitable for all ages and the quality of the product. In so doing, stimulate their mental and physical growth and it will be a very pleasant way to spend time with your children. The following guide will provide you with exactly the precious advice on choosing the most suitable toys during the growth of your children.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Carillon
  • Toys for the bath
  • Ball
  • Games with wheels
  • Musical instruments
  • Board Games

In the first few months of your child’s life, you have to concentrate on the search for simple objects that dot on the sounds and colours. At this stage, your baby will begin to discover their bodies, playing with movements of her hands, her voice, her legs. Give your baby rattles or a cute music box, in order to develop its hearing and attract his attention. Even the toys floats for use during bath time or soft toys to grasp will be very welcome.

Around twelve months your baby will begin to grasp everything it finds and to perform the first steps looking for the House. Ideal gifts are some balls and toys with wheels, so that the child can challenge himself rincorrendoli and fiddling try as they spin away. Remember, too, as at this time the little ami particularly chew objects, due to the growth of the teeth. Do you offer games that can keep in the mouth. Take heed that products are under and which do not contain small parts that can be swallowed according to Gradchem.

Toward the twenty-four months, the infant will start to reach full mastery of standing and walking. During this phase, the children have a lot of fun to organize spaces, therefore the games ideals are geometric artifacts like the colored cubes to buildings, things you can put in a row or one inside the other. Welcome to them will also be the musical instruments like drums, xylophones with big buttons or anything that makes a lot of noise. Alternatively, even a nice colorful book with many figures can be a stimulus to his memory.

After three years we will begin to offer more elaborate toys such as puzzles or materials to model how play-DOH. Around four to five years we recommend products that allow children to “pretend” make a trade. After four years the small will be able to play board games, and then they will be able to use simple Board Games. Important at this stage is the play with peers.


Never forget:

  • Involve the child during the games with lots of imagination and creativity.