How to Choose the Right Sweater for Your Body

In this article I will give you a simple guide to choosing the right sweater for your physique. Woman’s wardrobe sweaters can not certainly miss. They come in different types: those lighter, they wear in spring and autumn, and heavy ones that protect us from the severe winter weather. The sweaters are very easy to wear and are suitable for many combinations, the shape is similar to that of a long-sleeved shirt, then with the neck which can be round, in v or boat neckline and of varying lengths.

How To Choose The Right Sweater For Your Body

It is a misconception that all kinds of sweater can be suitable for all. At the time of purchase is preferable to orientate themselves on the model that best enhances your body. With a physique with wide hips and bust, narrow, we must prefer participating enough sweaters and not too long, capable of enhancing the waistline. Cardigans are allowed as well, from button at waist height.

With an hourglass physique, characterized by a very narrow waist, baggy sweaters should be avoided all that does not emphasize the waist. Instead, make sure you consider the v-neck cardigan sweaters short and screwed. It is to be avoided, instead, the boat neck that threatens to widen the shoulders. We must move towards a physical Apple flared sweaters that glide gently on the body without going to shrink the bottom. Who has a rectangle, featuring a few physical shapes and thin legs, has no particular problems. You can wear almost any sweater, both adherents both long and wide. Perfect in this case even the bright and light colours. To avoid only the V-neckline that would mortify even more a cleavage of scarce sizes. With a fuller bust, instead, V-neck sweaters are recommended, or ring or barchetta. To be avoided, instead, those baggy and without form which could hide the curves and enlarge the figure.