How to Choose the Right Summer Shoes

Want to make new flip flops or slippers, you would have used more or sandals are looking at high heels, wedges or platform? Do not wait, then shoot them! Right now they are available at a great price!

Are you one of those women who love shoes? If you’ve recently seen a few where you felt like a modern-day Cinderella story, but eventually you have denied him because of the price, now trading for him to return peacefully. It had come roughly in half.

How to choose the right

Whether you have a clear idea on what shoes you go to the store, or just peek keep in mind the selection rules.

“In any summer shoes do not bet only on appearance but also be interested in the material. After all, the legs swell during the summer and are more prone to blisters. When buying shoes because just think about it, what outfitům will come in handy, but also consider their comfort. Feel free to try in the store until you are sure that they can walk farther than the corner, “advises stylist Lenka Toman Šourková.

Stylist Petra Šestáková for she adds: “The worst of all is the day to walk in shoes with a completely flat soles. She would always have to have at least moderately sculptured profile, otherwise you are on your feet very easily extend any infection and also you soon deformed legs vault. “In addition to the shape of the soles try to take into account the material. “For myself, I recommend the best bet on the skin,” says Lenka Toman Šourková.

School style

Once you resolve the practicality of shoes, let yourself be carried away by its looks. What models and colors are being worn? Basically any, so it depends on your taste and also on how to outfit the shoes combine. Flip-flops or sandals, of course, particularly useful on the beach or in the garden, while the sandals will fit the bill as well as in the city or at work.

A job or a summer fete then you can also put on shoes to wedges or on a classic heel and platform shoes you might come in handy on a date. Stylist Lenka Toman Šourková to have said: “In the open summer shoes do not forget to have your feet always perfectly prepared. Nail polish can harmonize with the color of clothing, for example. Every detail just depends! “