How to Choose the Right Sports Bra?

If you think this sport seriously, you should have besides special shoes and functional clothes also get a proper sports bra. Your charms deserve it!

How to choose the right one, and why is the difference between classic bras for everyday use and that we use for sports, we asked Ing. Dany Jirásková, owner of shops Bra Expert.

Choosing the right bra for every woman is very important. What parameters are essential in the selection?

The first place belongs to the right size, because only ensure the comfort and support he needs to bust. Bra the correct size woman does not bother to knock her shoulders, breasts are firmly in košíčkách sufficiently supported, nothing nezařezává not neplandá. Immediately follows the correct material strong enough, with a good life, who does not come out after a few washes or longer wear, but also friendly. Bra remains not only beautiful but also functional for months to years. Followed by a cut suitable for the type of character or below a certain type of clothing or seasons. Until finally I joined, although women still important, color and design.

There is a difference between when you go to choose a classic sports bra?

The difference in the collection is not large, it’s also the first place the correct size. The main differences are the parameters of materials and engineering bras, which should ensure minimization of moving bust in sports, and in all directions to avoid irreparable damage. Testing should include simulation of motion – jumping, running. Sports bra then unlike current will be greater, padded, made from technical materials that breathe well remove sweat or have antibacterial treatment. Definitely recommend to replace a sports bra sports vest top on short or dress size S, M, L.

There are various kinds of sports bras?

Sports bras can be divided into compression, which “crushed by chest” of the body, and non-compression, which conclude breasts in a fixed basket. You first have numbering S, M, L, you have a non-compression numbering as in conventional bras 75C, 75D etc. The compression is sufficient to nízkonárazové sports such as yoga, pilates, and for women with small breasts. These non-compression are better for demanding sports and women with a moderate to huge breasts. Furthermore, sports bras can be divided into Kostičová and bezkosticové, with classic layout strapless or X racing style, seamless cups or sewn from parts by color, with the option to wear it as a top layer, assembled with the Chief Tope, according to material type etc.

Bra can also be divided, for example, depending on the type of sport – on another run, another yoga?

In general you can say that yoga bra just weaker than the parameters for running. Some sports bras are determining the table by sports. Each manufacturer provides a different table, possibly numbering performance. These tables, however, be taken only with discretion. While women with small breasts calmly marathon will pass only in a lightweight sports tank top, a woman with large breasts will require a firm foothold even in simple exercises such as pilates.