How to Choose the Right Size Tablecloth

Choose the size of its cotton tablecloth or linen

To achieve the best tables, we recommend that you choose a table that will be at least 60 cm wider than your table. Thus, energisation of the web will be 20 to 30 cm after removal resulted in the first wash which is between 4 and 5%.

In width, it is therefore to choose a web of 40 to 60 cm greater than the width of the table. Head of the table, it is common to have a slightly more important impact.

Remember to bring a larger table if you want a juponné effect with slick sections covering the legs of the table and points closest to the ground.

Choose the size of its coated tablecloth

We advise 20cm to 25cm benefits both sides.

In Loverists, it is therefore to choose a tablecloth in green of 40 to 50 cm greater than the width of the table. Head of the table, it is common to have a slightly more important impact.

Round, square, rectangular or oval?

For a more modern effect it is recommended to use square tablecloths on round tables, rectangular or oval on tables.

The tips of the square or rectangle will fall lower than the rest of the tablecloth and give a more contemporary effect to the set table.

For a small brunch, a small reception with friends, you can put a smaller rectangular square tablecloth on your table for a quirky style.

For an oval table with extensions for which you do not find an oval table to the dimension, a rectangular table will be perfectly suited.

You can also adopt placemats, overlooked or table runners for creations of original and user-friendly tables.

What fabric?

Everything depends on the use you want to do. Here are some principles that should help:

Linen tablecloths: ideal for an elegant table soft touch. They are very resistant and perfect for reception and tables for outdoor dining.

Cotton tablecloths: very aesthetic and very soft to the touch, they are perfect for family meals or for special occasions, receptions and ceremonies.

Coated Tablecloths: covered with ecological acrylic coating, PVC-free, coated cloth cleans with a sponge remains soft and with a pleasant touch.

Good to know: for comfort at the table, the recommendation is that we give a space of about 60 cm covered.

The following table recommends the correspondences between the dimensions of the web and the number of guests.

. Tablecloth 175 cm / 4 guests

. Round table diameter 175 cm / 4-6 guests

. Rectangular table length 250 cm / 6-8 guests

. Tablecloth 220 or 240 cm / 8-10 guests

. Rectangular table length 380 cm / 10-12 guests