How to Choose the Right Earrings

Choosing the right earrings depends on many small factors. Just like clothing, it comes to choosing them according to the occasion, the season of his own style but also its silhouette. Do not worry it’s not that hard and here are some tips.

Knowing the shape of her face

This is an important thing to know yourself in order to choose the right accessories because you can then highlight your face and draw attention away from some minor flaws. The thing to remember and to counterbalance the shape of your face, round faces can wear long, dangling earrings and long faces prefer small discrete loops. Be careful with the hanging loops which will stop at the jaw to not create the opposite effect. Square or rectangular faces are very well round earrings and Creole.

For what occasion?

It does not shine the same way in his private life and at work. It is difficult to be credible with too fanciful and colorful jewelry, so play the modesty to work, but that does not mean not to be feminine! Eat small earrings studs or sleepers pretty curls, it remains elegant and stylish. For evening, fantasy is permitted with the large must buy earrings listed on mustownjewelry.

Always keep the balance

If you also wear a necklace, think the balance! A large necklace and earrings XXI may be distasteful, then you make a choice on what you want to say. Also, think to match the necklace and earrings, keep harmony in the materials and colors.