How to Choose the Perfect Shirt

Do not assume that you will do on a fashion Guro, which will write a complex theorem fabric, cut, color, occasions and so on. I am a normal person, like all of you and I give you a personal advice when choosing the most appropriate shirt.

  1. Most important is to be aware of what occasions you need shirts for men. Whether you want to go with her to the disco, whether you use it for work, whether you are a guest at a formal event of a personal or social nature. The shirts are divided into stylish, elegant, comfortable and shiny. At least what I share them. They are suitable for everyday you fancy for social events, coupons for elegant and stylish business.
  2. Be selective color on what you want to say about you in front of people. Black and white are intended to focus more on your personality than appearance. Men who wear similar colors and the like, prefer to be seen by what we speak, not how they look. The other bright palettes lend a certain amount of humor, while the dark are more suited to crush the establishments. Please only keep your shirts and those with flowers on the beach, because everywhere you will look ridiculous.
  3. Always take the right size for you or a number greater to be able to masquerade as a tailor. The fabrics from which most often made shirts are not subject to stretching, and those that contain spandex, often give an unnatural shape your body. The best option is to give 5-10lv to tailor to make your shirt perfect measure.
  4. Last but not least – base your final decision 50% of their own taste and 50% of woman who you believe. I have one rule in life – always trust a woman clothes and hairstyle. If women understand something more than men, it is precisely these two things. Pick yourself with a beauty and then ask to tour the shops with you. These women already love to hang around all day there, because for them it is a kind of amusement park. Measure two or three ten-shirts until you look in the eye and not see its approval.

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