How To Choose The Best Toy For A Child

The Game Is An Irreplaceable Activity. To Play, In Addition To Entertainment, The Child Acquires All The Skills And Abilities That Will Enable You To Develop Mentally, Physically And Socially

It is not only important to play, also do it with games appropriate to each age and situation

Playing is undoubtedly the most important, transcendental and irreplaceable activity of any child. The game improves their language, skill, intelligence and imagination, learn to know himself and the world that surrounds him, motivated to overcome challenges and get integrated into society gradually.

A child that does not play, has no toys, will have less ability to develop both physical and mental and even socially.
Why choose well toys is very important. They should not only entertain and be naturally safe, but should also be suited to the age of the child and be able to develop their faculties.

There Are Various Types Of Toys:

Motion games: channel the need for movement of the child, giving more security to your body, improving your balance and developing your muscles

Symbolic games: are those who create situations. They allow children to imagine all sorts of adventures in a reality different to yours. In these games can cure, buy and sell, pilot, cooking, or explore the jungle, which develops his imagination, language and intelligence.

Building games: wooden blocks, sand castles, cabins or figures of origami… with them the child learns to use objects that have to her around and will serve as support to build the capacity of attention and concentration, as well as to learn spatial relations.

Games of social rules: in teams or individual table or on the street, all they are governed by rules specific and are a means for the child to learn to respect others, to play in group, to socialise and the rules.

It is of a type that is, each game is suitable to an age and a toy given to a child at an age not corresponding not only will not amuse you, but it also allows you to develop abilities and skills for which they are intended.

The Game, Which Is Something Very Serious

Capabilities that are developed throughout the game include the sensory, the child begins to see the world through the senses and manipulating toys helps you enhance your senses

Also develops motor skills and early childhood play is perfected the movement and balance. To do this can be found games that promote gross motor skills, involving the acquisition and coordination of the overall control of all movements of the body (crawl, crawl, walk, run, climb, ride), as well as fine motor which refers to movements that require more precision, concentration, manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination.

In addition, play also allows development cognitive, boosting attention, memory, creativity, symbolism, language and expression, spatial organization and recognition and differentiation, as well as the cause/effect relationship.

Playing the child gets also a social development, since it relates and learning standards, to winning and losing, to wait their turn, follow a few rules… All very useful for his adult life.

Finally, we must highlight the affective development. All games are linked to a certain emotional burden and encourage the spontaneous expression of the personality, the discharge of tensions or the development of autonomy.

How to choose them

Given the importance of the game, the choice of the toy may not be random or follow the dictates of the advertising.

When you go to buy a toy for a child should look which are recommended for each age, carrying the CE mark which guarantee your security and choose one that fits more to what we want to empower the child.

Today some toys are so perfect and sophisticated that they can “playing alone” and make the child a simple spectator, who just bored it and abandoning it in a corner.

For all this, so a toy to be beneficial you must meet the following functions:

-Fun and interesting the child.

-Wake up and activate faculties

For more information you can reference guide AIJU (technological Institute of toy)


-The child must be the protagonist, toy should help you to play more and never to replace its action, giving you things made or finished.

-Starting from the needs and preferences of children’s and not the tastes of the adults.

-Take into account the ageof the child and its maturation level.

-Give away toys variedwhich develop different functions

-Take care that the toys are durable, safe and solid, so it is essential that they bear the CE mark.

-Not to saturate you, but dose the number of toys for not maintaining the enthusiasm and interest.

-Do they take responsibility of their toys. Look for a place that saved them and order and they pick them up and take care of them take charge

-Gift books, the tell enter you in a fantasy world, at the same time that enhance attention and enrich your vocabulary