How to Choose the Best Sofa for Your Home

The sofa is one of the furniture that draws the most attention in a home. To find the best model for you, many factors must be taken into account: number of seats, fabric, price, frequency of use, room size, ease of cleaning.

To facilitate this task, our site separated for you which are the best types and tissues. Combining these two factors to your needs, it is hard to go wrong in choosing your sofa.

Two Places

For those who live alone is the best bet. If your home is the meeting place of friends, it is interesting to add puffs to the site, or even chairs. If you find it necessary a three-seater sofa can also be considered.

Sofa Bed

It receives people who usually stay and spend the night? A sofa bed is the best option for you. Leave the comfortable visits in the room when you do not have a guest room is always careful on your part. Also, if you prefer to stay in the same room sometimes, instead of walking to the room, we found a great companion through this blog.

Sofa Set / Sofa with more than 3 Places

A sofa set (a two and other three persons, for example) has many people. So if your family is large, no one will be uncomfortable in the living room. If your room is spacious, a couch over three places can also be thought of as an alternative.

Retractable Sofa

The sofa with retractable abutment is the part is a great option for combining comfort and practicality, being very interesting for those who like calmer and home activities, like a movie session to two or even more friends.

Leatherette Synthetic

If you do not want to have a lot of work to let the clean sofa, this tissue is indicated, especially if you have children at home. It is also a great option for those who want to replace the genuine leather, which has a much higher cost. However, courino very warm in the heat and it is important to take this into consideration. That is, do not place your sofa in a place that focuses too much sun.

Series Pelleted

As the synthetic courino, the pelleted serge is also easy to clean. The fabric has a long durability and its softness makes you stay even more comfortable to lie down and relax.


Polyester is another fabric that does not require much cleaning. The most important thing to be said is that if you have dogs or cats, especially, this will not be a good acquisition because, for reel off easily, the animal claws and tissue are not a good combination.

You can check environments decorating tips with dogs and amazing pieces to owners cats have at home here in our site.


Not the cheapest fabric, but is also far from being the most expensive. Elegant, chenille has a soft touch to the skin. Extremely comfortable, a couch of this material is not as easy to clean.

Jeans or Denim

The washing a coated pull denim / jeans is easy and practical. Very resistant, the fabric is one of the indications for those who have pets at home, not being a problem.


The favorite of many people, the original leather is an expensive fabric. However, it is elegant, comfortable and also withstands a home with children and pets. A sofa that material requires more careful cleaning, which must be done with specific products to the fabric.

Noble Fabrics

If your goal is to have a sophisticated sofa without leaving the comfort of hand and you do not mind paying more for it, fine fabrics can be a good choice. Some options are jacquard, linen and silk.


The foam upholstered sofas, if good quality, need not be changed quickly. The filling with foam flakes is cheaper on average R $ 4.00 per kilo, which can lower the final price of the furniture.


If you are looking for a more ergonomic sofa, this foam is the most common because of its consistency. It can be soft or rigid, and its price is around R $ 12,00 per kilo.

Silicone Cotton

Due to its soft touch, it is also known as synthetic plume. The tactile sensation resembles goose down and its price is around R $ 12,00 per kilo, and the foam block.


The bagged receives a spring upholstered foam coating, generally 4cm. All sofa is composed of rows spring (over 4 rows per pad being a number), and this upholstery brings more uniformity. The price is around R $ 80,00 for the sofa set, since it is not possible to calculate the kilo.


The most recommended are wood. Materials such as plastic and metals are also used in this sofa area, but many of these do not allow such a solid foundation.

Tones and Colors

To decorate the sofa, one of the tips is to use pads that have different shades of color mobile. However, with neutral colors such as beige, this movement can leave the drab couch. If you want to give more color to the mobile in question, you can do this through the pads. If you have questions about how to combine colors, take a read on this matter we did.


The prints of the pads, if this choice, should not go against that of the sofa fabric. A tip for not miss: choose prints with the same colors of the furniture, but with different shapes.


It is not mandatory that the pads are of the same material as the sofa fabric. You can choose to combine, but if you want a modern look to tip is just the opposite.

Keep in mind that the sofa is a mobile that deserves your attention and affection at the time to be thinking. Know well what your priority when choosing furniture. Thus, your purchase does not cause you regret in the future and just enjoy.