How to Choose the Best Floor Double Bedroom?

The double room make a beautiful and cozy floors. Check out the main models and tips to hit the choice!

You have questions about how to choose the floor double room? So it’s not the only one. Faced with so many options offered by the market, many people are doubtful about the choice of the ideal flooring.

The double room is a space for relaxation and refuge, able to promote rest and provide peaceful nights. Considered private and intimate, this room should be nice for two people to share life with peace of mind. The comfort depends on the choice of furniture or textiles, but also has a direct relation with the material that coats the floor.

How to choose floor double room?

Consider the following factors to Choose floor double room correctly:

Needs of the room

What are the needs of the room? This is the first question that should be made. In the case of double room, you need to find a coat that favors comfort and coziness.

The predominant climate in the city

In cold areas, as is the case of cities, the wooden floor stands out as the best option because it provides thermal comfort. In the northeast of the country, for your time, the porcelain stoneware is indicated to overcome the heat and let the fresh environment.

Best floor models for double room

The House and Party separated the best options for floor double bedroom. Check out:

Porcelain tile floor

You want to leave the bedroom cooler in summer? So bet on coated with porcelain flooring. This material is stylish, durable and easy to maintain. In the winter months, however, you will have to include carpets in the decoration of the environment to make it warm and cozy.

The white floor and cold is not the only option for those who want to invest in porcelain stoneware in the double room. In fact, some manufacturers are already working with floor tiles that mimic the warm appearance of wood. The result is quite beautiful and cozy.

Laminate flooring

The laminate flooring is considered by many architects as the best model for floor double bedroom. He mimics different shades of wood and offers a cost X benefit far more favourable than the real raw material.

The laminate enhances the cosy wood aesthetics, without running the risk of rot or need sealing. The price of each blade varies from $40.00 to $120.00.

Wooden floor

Although the cold floors are high in the area of construction, the wooden floors still make sales success. This raw material can be found for sale in different textures, colors and shapes. Is a great option for couples who seek comfort and thermal comfort.

The hardwood floor is much more expensive than laminate. It also requires some special care not to run the risk of rot and lose your beauty, as is the case of waterproofing.

The raw material does not value just your natural aesthetics. The wood flooring is also an interesting option for those who want to create a double bedroom with rustic appearance.

Vinyl flooring

Many architects and builders are betting on the use of vinyl floor to coat double room. The material has great acoustic performance, in addition to the thermal comfort (makes the temperature in the environment more pleasant).

In addition to being acoustic, the vinyl comes out ahead of many materials because it is hypoallergenic, resistant, durable, has a smooth texture and does not retain dust. As with the laminate, he has models that mimic perfectly the wood tones.

Sharp objects can cut vinyl finish and compromise the aesthetics of the floor, so be careful when dragging the furniture.

Burnt cement floor

You want to let the modern bedroom and stripped? So consider using burnt cement. Although it is not as common in this room, the coating leaves the fresh environment and can be cheaper than wood or porcelain. Just be careful to hire specialized labor to perform the installation.

And there? Got any questions about how to choose floor double room? Leave a comment with your question.