How To Choose The Appropriate Tablecloth For Each Table

Choosing a tablecloth is not as simple a task as it might seem. There are many types and only one indicated for each moment. Then we differentiate them.

The elegant tablecloths as described in decorative covering are for elegantly dressing the dining room table. The white tablecloth, linen or cotton, will be indicated. And to complete, do not forget to put matching napkins. When you put it, you have to take care that the fall is equal on all four sides

In contrast to the previous one is the simple tablecloth. If the idea is an outdoor meal, in a club, river, etc; The stamped fabric will give us the simplicity and warmth we need.

How To Choose The Appropriate Tablecloth For Each Table

There are cheerful tablecloths ideal for garden furniture. Normally you put on a loose tablecloth and very cheerful napkins with vivid colors. It will make the table more cozy and fresh.

Now it’s the turn of the exclusive tablecloths. The squared and smooth napkins combined with the tablecloth is a perfect cheerful and informal option. Lightweight cotton tablecloths fit nicely in most dining rooms and kitchens.

Another option, if what you want is an easy solution are the individual tablecloths. The materials with which they are made are very varied. The linen or cotton and fine finishes are ideal for a formal table. They are also perfect for singles.

Finally we present the plastic tablecloths or paper. These tablecloths are recommended for use in children’s parties, since children often leave the tables in conditions inappropriate for another type of tablecloth. Besides, it gives us the possibility to finish the party, to pick it up and throw it away.

As a general rule, tablecloths should have a fall of about 19 to 22 cm, preventing them from resting on the occasional diners.