How to Choose T Shirts

After talking to one of the essential parts of the male wardrobe, to the sweet name of John (see this article), I will dwell on another basic. And basic of all the more significant that it perfectly does the job associated with jeans with sneakers. I’m obviously talking about the shirt. And Yes, the shirt is the most accessible part of the menswear, and also one of the most cools. Because there are an infinite number of possibilities for t-shirts, depending on the cut, fabric, color, patterns, and Jean past. The problem is that there is lot of stuff not terrible too. So here are my small tips of grandmother to learn how select a tee shirt man, which takes time and which is not too ridiculous.

How to cut? me

Choose a t-shirt that suits you California surfers as well as Indexdotcom, to find a cut that highlights you. And a good haircut can highlight the physics of a normal man, who doesn’t have the body of Brad Pitt in Fight Club. Because let it be said, he was at his peak at that time.

So, let’s talk about the Cup. There are basic rules, and rules a bit sharper. The basic rules are to not choose a tee shirt too tight or too short in length. Generally, a too short t-shirt is a t-shirt which barely the length at belt level. It’s not ideal because at the slightest movement that you will raise your arms, let appear the hairs of the gut. We saw more elegant. And as for the aspect too tight, it must ensure that neither arms nor the stomach are too molded. So we let a small blur drape at the level of the belly, which allows to hide the remains of the year-end holiday meal. On the other hand, no need to refrain from a tee shirt, hugging a tiny little pecs, because combined with the drape in the stomach it denser the middle part.

A little sharper rules are the length of the sleeves and shoulder seam. Theoretically, a tee shirt that highlights we should enhance our stature. Optimization so this is like a policy that maximizes its taxable income. I will not ask you to work out, even if it’s a good advice, because it can only do good to your health (if it’s well done in the rules of art, outside any philosophy of No Pain No. Gain). So the idea to highlight a body is that the fallen fabric must marry your forms in the most harmonious way possible. How? Just take a quick look at our anatomy. The largest place of the arm is at the level of the hump of the external beam of the triceps. So we’ll try to find a handle which stops at about this place. And for the shoulder, the risk is that the sewing is sticking. So it’s not sticking, simply be in a hollow or a downward, rather than a bump. So it must happen either in the hollow of the shoulder, or after the peak of the shoulder. A good diagram made by me should explain you better than my words.

What material?

Right here there are two schools which share the shirt market. Finally, three. Those who do not conceive a tee shirt that isn’t 100% natural material, those who accept synthetics mixed (or not) the natural materials for a functional purpose, and those who do nothing to type as long as they sell their shit. We try to understand the first two categories, and see that each in its reasons, that the heart ignores?