How to Choose Swimwear

Each year by finding the perfect swimsuit to show off at the beach is a real dilemma, and the reasons are many, for example the piece above is too large, while the one below is too tight, or vice versa. How many times have you already happened?

But do not despair, the solution to find out what is the right costume for you is just around the corner: yes, because for each physical is the right costume, able to camouflage those little flaws and instead emphasizing the strengths. Good resolution to end the fear and frustration that occurs during the purchase of the swimsuit.

But to find out which is a perfect swimsuit for your body, first let us see what your physique. The female body is usually divided into four main types: apple, pear, hourglass and breadstick.

Apple woman

The type of the physical Apple assumes skinny legs and wide waist, especially after a pregnancy. The shoulders are broad enough.

The appropriate costume to slim your figure opt for an entire model, possibly dark colored on the sides and in the center, while on the chest area a press patterned to enhance the breasts.Alternatively if you do not like the swimsuit, opt for a two-piece model with her pants with a high waist and the part above with underwire to support the bust.

Pear woman

The type of physical pear requires a large pelvis, so a nice ass, wide hips and small shoulders in relation to the rest.

The right costume you will be able to enhance the narrow waist and neckline, for it opts for acostume with balconette bra, will enhance your breasts, increasing their volume. Ok also for the piece of top triangle, tied behind the neck, to highlight the shoulders. The low rise panties with laces, however, allow you to harmonize your silhouette, because the one-piece swimsuits for this type of physical, tend to emphasize the waist and shorten the legs. Also avoid high-waisted briefs, highlighting the thighs and hips too wide.

Hourglass woman

The type of physical Hourglass, assumes a narrow waist, but hips and generous bosom. A type that affects women at a time, the famous ’50 / 60, such as Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida.

The right costume you will need to draw attention to the neckline, to make it opts for aswimsuit snug opaque color, to hide the belly and the curves too. Better if it is a small balcony, it will make it very feminine. Can you afford even the bikini, on condition of giving to slip very Sgambati, who are likely to make you look smaller. Absolutely avoids square necklines and bandeau bras, could well make you look fat.

Donna grissino

The physical type of this is to have no bends. The stereotype of beauty 70s, namely that of avery straight woman with no breasts, no hips, and especially thin, not fat, just as the models on the catwalk.

The right costume can take almost anything, provided you enhance your femininity, enhances the breast with  costumes with padding, the perfect solution are models that enrich the bodice with bows or ruffles. The  band patterns are a must, and only those who have this physical can wear them, take advantage of it with ease.

But if you have an athletic physical form, you’re lean and low in stature or with a large bosom, there are solutions for you:

Who does a lot of sport and has a fitness muscular, with broad shoulders and toned it will stay pretty much with everything. But the way to make the feminine body is opt for a custom asymmetrical cut or a shoulder model, that will make you thinner shoulders.

Who is low and lean, however, has the luxury of being able to afford it all, the classic bikini is ideal!

Who is thin, however, with large breasts,  you must choose a swimsuit whose cut he adapts to your body, with the piece above adjustable, slightly padded and tied behind the neck.