How to Choose Spring Jackets

Spring jackets can easily let that trend but today we thought we rather focus on jackets for spring where material and shade fits particularly well with a lighter vårpalett. When the classical men’s fashion has an advantage in being quite timeless can a jacket be an investment over many years and instead to focus on the season’s colors, but rather find wearable options and materials that work to the rest of the wardrobe vårplagg.

During the spring and summer opened most of all the possibilities to lighter shades of jackets. Tones of beige, light grey, Brown and green are all easily matched and good addition to the classic dark blue blazers who obviously hanging with even during the summer months.

When it comes to selecting the product, it is not just the shade that comes into play but also to a large extent, the choice of materials and weaving techniques. For the warmest period of the summer is of course linen wide but a thin ullväv are actually in many cases the coolest option for high summer. Another option is to choose a glesvävt fabric as hopsack, or frisco bound va heavier but lets the heat in a really good way.

Jackets in vintage style is often a classic product of a2zgov with all correct but cotton has often tended to be quite compact in the lattice and not always the most refreshing option. Since bomullskavajer is still a great option in many cases because they often get a lovely texture and cases and makes himself extremely well in bright tones.

If you want the pattern, there are of course lots of interesting but today we have chosen to focus on solid color jackets where rather structure may take place.

A lighter tone of blue might not be for everyone but makes itself very well to a pair of crèmefärgade pants in summer. This in from Isaia Napoli.

Spanish MAN1924 has taken the Pitti Uomo by storm and emerged as an affordable player with really nice fits and jackets. Here in the form of a green linnekavaj in a slightly longer version.

What would be the spring without a double-breasted Blazer. The double-breasted jacket, too many to feel stiff, making it ideal in a okonstruerat version with available fabrics. Worn with the advantage over an unbuttoned shirt and light-colored jeans. This from Slowears ytterplaggsavdelning; Montedoro.

Dutch retail phenomenon Oger has in addition to products from Italy’s finest has developed its own private label, which must be seen as very affordable. Here in the form of a “napoliblå” wool/linen Blazer with halvkanvas design.

Although not Loro Piana is most famous for its clothing, few manufacturers that have better track of weaving technique. Our company offers, among other things, this glesvävda model in the somewhat odd combination of Hemp and Wool. It tastes so it cost though.

Boglioli is still the company at least we most strongly associate with the non-structured style and this Brown vårkavaj in cotton is exactly what the company does best. Stylish without being uppklätt.

Japanese Ring Jacket is as exciting as the hard to find manufacturers. Great cut, high quality and affordable products, but which, unfortunately, is more or less limited to the Asian market at this time. A double-breasted white Blazer for the daring.