How to Choose Skiing Gloves

On the ski slopes, mittens and ski gloves are a must. Can not decide between the two? We give you some tips to help you choose!

Go for Ease of Use with Winter Gloves

The main advantage of ski gloves is their ease of use. With them, you can make every move with ease on the slopes: open your backpack to take food, grab your camera or your skis … Today most ski gloves are waterproof and breathable. They nevertheless have a disadvantage: they are less warm as mittens, since your fingers are not in contact and therefore can not be transmitted from the heat.

The sub-gloves provide extra warmth without compromising your comfort.

Mittens for More Cautious

Mittens have the major advantage of transmitting a lot of heat. Children can easily put them on without the help of their parents, as the child Wed’ze mittens to have a clever system. Obviously it is more difficult to grasp objects with mittens with gloves.

Why Do You Have Cold Hands?

In Europe skiing described by Microedu, the blood is moving first to the heart and brain, and not to your hands and feet. When you feel your fingers go numb, you have to move and make circular movements with your arms to stimulate blood flow to your hands.
The choice between mittens or ski gloves yours. Your decision depends on your needs and elements that you attach importance. Accuracy and ease of use for gloves and mittens for warmth. See for yourself.