How to Choose Sandals

Sandals are the best shoe of the summer season. In town or at the beach, they are everywhere. For not torturing your feet, however it is important to choose the right model. Discover all our tips for choosing your sandals!

Sandals: comfortable foremost

In summer, hot weather can make uncomfortable many pairs of shoes. It is therefore important to choose a model where you do not have bad feet. It is however not always clear during the fittings, whether the shoes will make you suffer or not. The first rule is to try them systematically in the late afternoon. Generally, the feet swell progressively hours and may be tired. If sandals are right for you , there are chances that you always agree.The second rule of harvardshoes is to avoid buying sandals in winter for the same reasons. So when you try a pair, if you feel any discomfort, it is best to leave the store. You can also choose a model certainly comfortable but trendy and barrel. You must also build on the right size. If you crave the sandals are not available in your size, look for others. The basic principle is that the toes should never touch the tip of the shoe.

The choice of heels

Some women can not do without shoes heels at all times. Also, to prevent health problems such as aches and back pain, heel height should not be more than 10 cm. If you have a special occasion, you can certainly choose to wear sandals with high heels , but certainly not every day. The preferred height is between 4 and 7 cm. The heels are well adapted to the arch of the foot and offer an elegant and natural approach to women. For those who do not like sandals heels, you can find shoes with small heels 1 to 3 cm. However completely flat shoes are not recommended to avoid traffic problems. A good alternative is to focus on platforms shoes and compensated. Wedge heels are in fact the most comfortable for walking. Finally, sneakers type ropes are very fashionable for many seasons.

Sandals according to the morphology of the foot

To choose his sandals, the last major point morphology. For all the styles of sandals are not suitable for all women. If you have strong calf and / or thick ankle, it is important to avoid the straps sandals that cut ankle, and the Spartans. If you have the “Greek foot” (the second longest toe than any other), it is best not to sandals that have a ring to the big toe.This would not put your foot in value! If, however, you have flat and / or wide feet, you should opt for sandals with a small heel. In any case, forget the flip flops forms that may give the impression that the foot “overflow” of the shoe! For women who do not like their feet, there is a trick that is proven: divert attention! Because you will not stay in closed shoes when outside temperatures are around 30 ° C. So bet on sandals with straps and jewelry sets, etc.