How to Choose Remote Control Toy

Worldwide, we are more and more practicing RC modeling. This hobby comes in countless forms, plane, car, boat or helicopter. Everyone can fulfill his childhood dreams or adult passions.

Today, join the ranks of thousands of people is no longer an insider or specialist matter. Indeed, thanks to advances in technology, miniaturization and the diversity of current productions, a wide choice is offered to you. By visiting our catalog, you have discovered with amazement the products of leading brands such Hitec, Kavan, Model Racing Car, Thunder Tiger… like The EB 4 Limited, the drive vehicle 1 / 8th heat of competition at laudatory record ; the Aussie II, faithful replica of a sailing ship of the America’s Cup; the Piper J3, a very realistic flight 2 meter wingspan and servos Hitec that animate all these models.

To help you practice the hobby R / C with confidence and get you started avoiding disappointment, Model Racing Car offers these recommendations to pages and presents the many facets of this wonderful passion that the radio-controlled model.

Different Scales: 1/10, 1/8, 1/5 etc …

Whether it’s a plane, a car or a boat the size of your future model will be determined by its scale. For clarity, consider the example of a car:
-A scale of 1 / 10th, it will be 10 times smaller than a real car, a length of about 35cm.-A 1/4 scale, we will have a model about 1m in length.

This rule applies to all models and directly affects the footprint of the model.
This is an important criterion appropriate not to overlook when purchasing.

The MRC council:
Contrary to the idea that many are neophytes, it is advisable to start with midsize models, particularly in the case of airplane or glider: they are often easier to change .

Different Engines

There are two types of engines to evolve a model: the thermal or electric . These engines have their own advantages in terms of which each will make his choice.

The electric motor

Electrical energy is reliable, clean, quiet and easy to implement. This is provided by batteries of the type cadmium-nickel appropriate to recharge when empty. An electric car has an average life of about 10 minutes. The charge of the batteries will be made with a specific charger using 220 volts or 12 volts (AC power or car battery). For ease of use provide for an additional battery.

The engine

Source of fun guaranteed, heat engines that equip the models are usable by all. This is usually a 2-stroke engine running on methano land delivering awesome power for their small displacement (0.7 cm3 to 20 cm3). Starting is efectuesoit via an integrated pull starter or with an auxiliary electric starter. The candle heater allows to light the candle during startup.
The silent engines significantly reduce noise, while promoting power output.

To equip some models of semi-avoin such as the Piper Cub J3, T hunder Tiger sells 4 stroke engines whose main assets are the realism of operation associated with a noise level of a surprising discretion.

The reactor

With the P-15 Thunder Tiger microreactor, model R/C into the third millennium. Revolution in the world of modeling, there is no doubt that this type of propulsion is expected to become widespread in the coming years.