How to Choose RC Car

Start in sport RC can be intimidating. With a multitude of parts and options, it’s hard to know where to start.You practiced when you were younger and you want to put there? You want to share your passion for the old model with your children? No matter why you are starting out, Mission Models is there to refresh your knowledge!

RC car electric or thermal?

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When you see the “power” term or “electric”, it means you need to use battery or batteries as a power source for your car or your RC buggy listed on shoppingpicks. A thermal car will run on the other hand with a special fuel nitromethane. The pilots of RC cars and buggies generally have a preference for one or the other. Before choosing your method of propulsion, there are some things to know:

Whether you choose electric or heat, rest assured! Both allow you to heat the track!

Radios and Accessories

All models

Radio (or transmitter): by actuating a switch, a handle or a steering wheel, the transmitter sends a signal to the receiver which is located in the car. Most current RC radio transmitters are sold with a receiver for the car.

Receiver: The receiver receives the signal from the transmitter and sends it to the servo.

Power management: as a co-driver, servo is responsible for managing the direction of the car. It is chosen according to the particular size, weight and performance of the car but other specifications can be taken into account. The servo is more powerful, more expensive it is.

Battery / batteries : whatever the technology, you will need batteries or batteries for the transmitter (remote control).

Electric cars

Batteries: the drive battery is the “fuel” of an electric RC car. Battery capacity is measured in milliampere / hour abridged mAh. More this capacity is high, the longer the run time before the battery is empty. Do not forget the charger to “refuel” your batteries! Depending on the model, it will also be necessary to provide a battery or batteries for receiver and servo. Currently both types of the most common battery is the LiPoand NiMh . The NiMh batteries are well suited to early models, LiPo batteries are more efficient but more expensive and more difficult to handle.

Thermal Cars

Soquet candle: it connects to the spark plug and heated during the startup phase. Once the engine is running removing the lamp socket.

Battery / batteries: a thermal RC car, you will still need a battery (or batteries) for radio equipment on board the car (receiver and servos). Although it is possible to use standard AA batteries, it is better to opt for a rechargeable receiver battery.

Fuel RC: attention not to be confused with gasoline! This fuel contains nitromethane and other lubricants.It is flammable caution! Moreover petrol should never be used in a nitro engine.

Starter Bench: if the car you choose has no engine pull, you should plan to buy a starter box.

At Mission Model, you’ll find everything you need to start on the flight RC cars. If you have doubts about the model to choose, or if you need information, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise you. Good road!