How to Choose Lighting for Your Living Room

An wall, cheapest designer lamps, can present some advantages and disadvantages. Many homes use wall appliques with multiple facets. But the question is always: is a wall light enough to illuminate my 20 m square?

And well, it depends! Find out how the lighting in your home or apartment with wall sconces, while valuing the decorative side.

Wall: main light

In a sense, Yes, a wall can be used as a single lamp and light in your room.But under what circumstances?

Wall bracket for corridor

Ah the hallway, this piece which is used only as a gateway to access the other rooms. Think again! The corridor is a piece that should not neglect, both in terms of lighting at the level of the decoration. Usually small, a corridor can not contain large furniture. Forget gender ceiling, suspension or bulky design fixture chandelier fixtures immediately. Opt for something small but showy.
A wall could fill both roles perfectly. Indeed, its small size will not block your passages but still sufficient light. Light, incandescent or led (as you like), will do a light your small room that is the hallway.
In addition, with an applied design and modern applies, your hallway to be embellished and will give an immersion in the world of chic and contemporary.
How to choose his hallway wall? Adapt to the color of your walls. If your wall is beige or cream, put appliques of color white or in the same tone. To an originality that fits with your piece, use a wall of rectangular shape (long, long) to make your decoration symmetrical and serious.

Ex: Apply wall LED Design “Quadra” 37 cm

Wall bracket for an entry

The same, an entry can still be even smaller than a corridor. Therefore, it is not necessary to use a large ceiling or chandelier Crystal pendants… A single apply or LED spot just fine. This time around, opt for something more “square”. If you like vintage decoration or industrial, there are wall lanterns that look like urban style. For an extravagance, you can choose a design wall futuristic led, low consumption and very design. What impress your guests!

Apply for a stairwell

It is quite obvious that a stairwell is impossible to decorate. And well, that is wrong. If your area is relatively small, and you have no place to hang a few pictures (with rail spotlight and wallwasher table), put just a wall that will both enlighten with perfection your space but also to decorate it with an original design. For a stairwell, it is interesting to use a rather flat wall light. You will find a wide variety of vintage LED lights on the lightinghowto. Shapes of torches lights, chandelier or Wall Sconce luminaire can also bring interest and originality in your decoration thanks to a subtle mix between the modern and the rustic.

Ex: Wall ‘torch ‘.

This very modern and elegant wall can also agree to a corridor. There is the fine blend between contemporary decoration and the Gothic.

Illuminate an outside

You may have a garden, a balcony or a terrace? You will have noticed that it is not really ergonomic placing a floor lamp or even a lamp table, ceiling or any other light fixture… To do this, the only usable for your outdoor element remains a wall. There is a category: outdoor Wall Sconce.Resistant to rain, this type of lamp will illuminate your garden with an optimal LED light. Very useful when the other lamps may not fulfill their function (lantern, lantern, suspension ball paper, spot rail…).

Ex: Apply external LED ‘Cubic ‘.

So, you have seen the important role that may play a simple wall. Element of main lighting to parts, it is also a great way to accent your home décor.