How to Choose LED lighting

Color temperature (light color)

The color temperature, expressed in Kelvin (K) indicates the color of the light:

How to Choose LED Bulb

· Between 2700K and 3300K: warm white, yellow

Produces a warm light, this type of lighting is preferred in a room or you want to relax in the evening.
Indeed, the cooler lights are energy and therefore does not ease your sleep. The warm light reproduces the light produced by the sun in the evening, so she announces to our body a rest phase.

· Between 3300K and 5300K: neutral white

This light is energizing, it will therefore be placed in a pière to live.

· More than 5300K: cool white, blue

Use as a decorative light to put a value to an object, the cold light can also be useful for precision tasks requiring great concentration. However, it is recommended for evening use to not disturb your body clock.

Light intensity

A good calculation of the light intensity is essential to ensure sufficient visibility and a good quality of life in your home.
It is therefore necessary to determine the luminous flux (lumens indicated “lm” on the lights) from the surface of your room (in m 2 ).
We must also consider the type of room you want to illuminate. Indeed, a crossing as a corridor require less lighting a room or you need to perform more specific tasks such as a kitchen.

To help you calculate the luminous flux (lumens) required for your lighting, offers the calculator below.

LED bulb or filament LED bulb

·Filament LED

They are designed not to misrepresent your conventional lighting or chandeliers with light bulbs looks very modern. Thus, a LED bulb filament has a very appearance approaching that of a conventional incandescent bulb. They are also available in many shapes (ball, flame, …). According to ledbulbbay, the LED bulbs filaments produce a very diffuse light with an important angle of illumination as a standard bulb.

·LED bulb

In more modern appearance, usually frosted white rather than transparent.

Electric power

The electric power (W) is the value that will affect your electricity bill. This is another benefit of LED lighting as this technology is more energy efficient than conventional lighting or same as other types of bulbs.Additionally, a LED light illuminates its maximum dice ignition, unlike other bulbs that reach maximum intensity after a few minutes of light.