How to Choose LED Headlights

How to choose the most appropriate LED flashlight or headlamp? Just know what you need a flashlight. Manufacturers are trying their customers come up to meet and adapt models to targeted audiences. You can therefore choose modern lamps, but also, for example. Headlamps for children in the shape of different animals or characters from fairy tales.

LED lamps by type of use

  • for everyday use
  • cyclists
  • for hunters and hunters
  • for security forces
  • paintball, airsoft
  • into the field for tramping and outdoor
  • Into car
  • search lamps
  • miniature flashlight in his pocket for keys
  • powerful LED headlamps

Why choose LED lamps?

LED technology is most advantageous parameters than halogen and xenon lamps. It is much more economical, high quality and competitive, it has also cost. Lamp with LED light source will last much longer than incandescent lamps. Both in terms of battery life, and in terms of total life.

How to choose a lantern or flashlight?

Consider the following parameters for the selection of lamps:

  • How much light do you need? Remember – the more light, the shorter the battery life. This value is measured in  lumen (lm), and is the luminous flux of the light source.
  • Size and weight – light source you carry in your pocket, on a belt, in a bag or leave it in the car? Smaller lamp will be on hand, but will be less luminous flux.
  • Power – the most widely used lamps are powered from  AA batteries. Far better performance lamps provide disposable CR123 batteries and rechargeable NiMH or Li-on battery. Here is the best ratio of capacity / weight / dimensions.
  • Housing -Pouzdra are mostly from aluminum. It is lightweight, strong and flashlight is not overheating. Never mind any shocks.

Advantages of LED lamps and headlamps

Headlamp or headlamps are very popular due to his manner of use, excellent functionality and compactness. They are also affordable. In our market a large number of types, which can be very cost vary. How, then, LED headlamp choose?

Weight – cyclist certainly can carry an extra one gram unlike climbers or skiers. So you have to search for optimal weight while battery life.

Resistance – for outdoor activities certainly appreciate the durable headlamps, which can withstand greater pressure, a fall from a height or greater humidity. Then it is good to choose a partially rubberized, hard rubber or hardened salaries. Be aware also waterproof, so you can go if needed in the rain.

Design – headlamps are produced in different colors with interchangeable straps etc. We recommend choosing a color and distinctive headlamps. If you happen to fell better it will look.

Number of LEDs -As a replacement light source in the home one diode is sufficient. If you need a really strong light source, it is better to choose more diodes.

types headlamps

Compact – have persistence medium distances of up to 60 meters are powered by AAA batteries. The dimensions are as small as possible. Better headlamps provide switching of light intensity or flicker, flash effect and color modes.

Headlamps with saving the batteries on top – the weight is distributed and therefore fit well and are suitable for sports such as running, cycling etc. Headlights are very stable and easier to control. They’re resilient. They are powered by AA or AAA batteries. You can also use rechargeable batteries.

Headlights with separate housing for the batteries – batteries are stored in a protective case and it leads to Čelovce cable. They are very durable mainly freeze. Another advantage is that if you need high performance, you can use more batteries. But then you have to reckon with higher weight.