How to Choose iPad from Apple

We have already had the opportunity to talk about Apple’s latest creation, the “new” iPad, more specifically in our editorial and a hardware comparison with some of the latest Android tablets. As we mentioned in our articles doesn’t feel the need to elect no winner between devices analyzed but an application dedicated to benchmark, GLBenchmark, available for both iOS and Android, it seems rather give to winner just the new creature of Apple.

How to Choose iPad from Apple

On the official website of GLBenchmark are available the results of the benchmark run right on the third-generation iPad; always on site you can also compare different Apple devices on smartercomputing.

And the confrontation that arises is that amongAmazon Prime and the new iPad, partly because of Apple’s claims about the performance of your processor (four times more powerful Tegra processor, mounted by the First 3). It must be admitted that GLBenchmark performs a series of tests longer and more complex than for example a Quadrant, tests that put a strain on the ability of the device even in the management of dynamic shadows and highlights.

Before proceeding with the comparison between the two tablets we want to clarify one thing: the results produced may not be error-free and, as we have already said in another article, as long as someone will try the new Apple tablet doing careful testing (including the above benchmark) we cannot be sure at 100% of the various scores obtained.

The results speak for themselves but, as we have just said, get them “with a grain of salt”; out of curiosity we ran ourselves this benchmark on a ASUS Transformer Prime and in the gallery below you can find the screenshots.

The data obtained are more or less in line with those reported on the official website, withsome small discrepancy due probably to the configuration of the device from them tested (also AnTuTu sometimes returns different data for identical devices). Attention: the units present in the article are expressed in k (e.g. kShader or kFragment) while in the screenshots are integers.

If you are surprised that GLBenchmark website present the results of the third-generation iPad we can tell you that this is not the first time that a device yet to be launched on the market appear on their tables: an example? The Samsung Galaxy S III (mysteriously disappeared, however, from their tables).

We leave you with the results of the benchmark on Transformer Prime and with the download link of that benchmark. And what do you think? We should wait for the official release or the above figures are more than obvious to provide an actual judgment?