How to Choose Hair Brush

What are the different types of hair brushes and combs, how to choose the most suitable for our needs? Check out some tips? How to choose the right hair brush?

Often times we choose automatic brush/comb, till, but sometimes the wrong choice could damage the Costa.

The right hair brush is important both for the health of hair, and her good looks. When we talk about the brush, we must consider the shape and the material from which the fibres are made.

Brush according to the form

Flat brush

Flat brush (whether it is an oval or rectangular) is suitable for tangled hair. Also sresvaneto with such a brush smooths hair. If your hair has been izpravâna) with a hairdryer or squeeze, this type of brush is perfect to keep uncluttered. The flat brush is suitable for straight hair. Not suitable for curly hair.

Round brush

The round brush is suitable for hair styling, with or without dryer. The options under which the cylinder is with holes are suitable for straightening your hair by drying with hair dryer. The size of the brush depends on the length of hair and whether you want to use it for straightening or curl.

Types of brushes according to the type of hair

According to the type of bristle brushes are synthetic, natural and mixed.

Brush with natural bristles

Natural bristle brushes are a little more expensive than synthetic. Most are made from pig bristles. Their biggest advantage is that effectively carry fats from the scalp along the entire length of the hair and cuticules antialiased.Natural bristle brushes are more gentle to the hair. More environmentally friendly and suitable for thin hair that easily flourish.

Brush with synthetic hair

These brushes are much cheaper, but also quite rude to the hair. Are Inappropriate for thin hair. In addition, do not carry well natural oils from the scalp along the length of the hair and can contribute to more rapid in oily roots, combined with the very dry on the ends of hair.

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Mixed bristle brushes

These brushes are universal and suitable for all hair types. Avoid them only if your hair is very, very thick.

How to choose a comb?

Combs can divide into two groups-a rare and fine.

  • Thin comb is usually with bigger teeth located more few and far between. This comb is the most suitable for the wet hair.
  • In the tiny comb teeth are located closer. This type of comb is used for smoothing the hair. Many use it to separate the path of hair or topirane.

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Important for the comb is from what material is made. We recommend the wooden Combs, because they are more friendly and not charging up the hair.