How to Choose DVR Surveillance Camera?

Security is one of the most important concerns in a home. By studying this buying guide for the best DVR surveillance cameras, you will have less difficulty in choosing the type of device you need. You will be able to purchase a camera with adequate performance in line with the new technologies available. We therefore recommend that you pay particular attention to technology that embeds, the possibility to install inside or outside, and finally the ability to access it remotely.

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Technologies of the camera

Camera performance is absolutely not be neglected. Indeed, according to the technologies used, the camera could be very useful, or useless. Take for example the quality of the sensor used. If it is of poor quality, you will get blurred images that you can not even use.

We advise you to opt for a camera with a CMOS sensor to obtain images with a resolution of good quality (usually 800 to 1200 LTV). So your videos will be more detailed, and you will be perfectly able to see everything that happens on the screen, or to recognize a person’s face, for example. Using a price comparison, you will find devices with an excellent price-performance ratio.

For indoor use, better to choose a model with infrared LEDs, so you can always see what is going on, even at night or in low light conditions. A camera with a wide field of view would also be welcome. For this, a camera equipped with a 3.6 mm lens would be perfect.

Once you understand these features, you will manage to identify more easily where to buy a new DVR surveillance camera.

Robustness of the camera (for outdoor installation)

Several camera models are suitable both for installation indoors and outdoors. For the latter, several conditions must be met: It must first that the camera is waterproof. Indeed, it will thank you to the elements: wind, dust, rain etc. If these elements encrusted inside the unit, it may cause damage. If you plan to install your camera outside, so remember to check the seal verifying that the protection rating meets the IP65 or IP66 (protection against dust and splashing water).

If possible, make sure the camera is vandal resistant, that is to say, it is able to withstand shocks (such as stoning) without damage.By following these tips, you will avoid having to buy a new camera frequently.

Remote access

DVR surveillance cameras on the market have adapted to new technologies, to our delight. Thus, several cameras can now be connected to the Internet, and it offers many advantages.

Indeed, it is now possible to remotely view the images recorded by your camera via your smartphone, tablet or PC. So wherever you are, you’ll be able to see what is happening at, or in the premises of your office.

Some cameras equipped with motion detector can also remotely alert you by sending you an email and a photo when a suspicious motion is detected in your home in your absence.

These technologies are available both on the IP cameras (digital) and analog. For the latter, make sure the DVR which they are connected can connect to internet.

With all this information, it will be easier to know how to buy a DVR surveillance camera a better value.

The best DVR 2016 cameras

Monitoring of its property is not something to be taken lightly. That is why it is important to know how to choose the best DVR cameras in 2016. Do not make the mistake of rushing you to a cheap model, rather prefer quality. Here are some models that should not fail to seduce you.

Recommended Products

FLOUREON Lot 2 Cameras

If you want to properly secure your home or business, then it would be advisable to provide you the best DVR camera. This set of 2 cameras Floureon brand should be able to do the trick. The kit is indeed comes with 2 cameras each equipped with a CMOS sensor. With this sensor, you will get high quality videos with a resolution of 1000 LTV. With high resolution videos, you’ll be able to recognize the face of a burglar, for example.

Both cameras are also equipped with a 3.6 mm lens that allows for a wider field of vision. Thus, you will see better what is happening around the area to monitor. Even at night, they remain highly effective, as they have both 36 infrared LEDs with a range of 15 meters (indoors). Your home or your premises will then be monitored 24/24.

The cameras of this lot can be installed both indoors and outdoors. They are certified IP66 effect, that is to say, they are fully waterproof and will withstand water splashes and dust. You do not have to worry about installing them outside, they are perfectly suited for this.

Giving great importance to the safety and supervision of your office or your home, you would know where to buy the best DVR camera? With this set of 2 cameras FLOUREON famous brand, you will get high video resolutions with CMOS sensor and lens 3.6 mm used.

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CMOS sensor: This type of sensor is currently the most efficient on the market. It allows you to record video with a high resolution of 1000 LTV. The resulting images will be of high quality and very detailed, allowing you for example to recognize faces of burglars.

Field expanded vision: Through the lens 3.6 mm, the coverage area of each camera will be more extensive, and you can see what is happening around.

Night Vision: The 36 infrared LEDs will see what happens even in complete darkness. The scope of this night vision is 15 meters.

The Cons

Price: The price might seem a little high, compared to the competition, but we must not forget that the kit consists of two high quality cameras.

FLOUREON DVR camera +1200 Lines (4pcs)

You place great importance on the quality of images recorded by your cameras? 8 Ways FLOUREON the 960H, it should also arouse your interest. With this kit, you will make the acquisition of 4 CCTV cameras equipped with a CMOS sensor. So you will get high quality videos with a resolution of 1200 LTV. The recorded images are more detailed, which will be helpful to recognize a person or read the number of a vehicle if the camera is installed outdoors.

Speaking of outdoor installation, know that each camera is IP65 certified. Clearly, this means that they are impervious to dust and protected against water jets from any direction. They therefore suffer no harm by being installed outdoors.

The performance of these cameras will remain effective even at night, because they are equipped with 24 infrared LEDs, with a range up to 15 meters indoors. Thus, your office or your accommodation will be constantly under surveillance, it is day or night.

As for the DVR, it has 8 channels, that is to say, you can associate up to 8 cameras, if you want to monitor several areas in your home. For this you can purchase 4 additional cameras to supplement the four already present.

FLOUREON is currently the best brand of DVR cameras market. Several of its products can be found also among the public favorite models. The FLOUREON DVR camera +1200 Lines (4pcs) is one. It consists of 4 cameras shipping CMOS sensors and targets 3.6 mm and 24 infrared LEDs.

For the

High resolution: The videos captured by these cameras will have a high resolution of 1200 LTV through the CMOS sensor fitted to each camera.

Outdoor installation: You can install these cameras outdoors without fearing they are damaged by dust or weather because their sealing is IP65 certified.

Objective 3.6 mm: Each camera will manage to cover a larger area because this goal provides a wider field.

The Cons

No notice  : Some critics believe several customers have pointed out that the product is supplied without notice. Non-used to this kind of device is therefore are found in difficulty during installation and initial operation.

Floureon 4701TC

If you are wondering “what is the best DVR camera market? “Then you may be interested in the characteristics of the Floureon Monitoring Kit 4CH DVR 960H, supplied with 2 surveillance cameras. They are equipped with IR-Cut technology, that is to say, each camera has 24 infrared LEDs, and can record clear pictures even at night or in low light situations.

Regarding the image quality, the Floureon brand has decided to use CMOS sensors whose performance is well proven. The cameras will capture while videos with a resolution of 800 TVL. Then you will come to see everything that goes on in detail screen.

You can access videos stored remotely via your smartphone thanks to the cloud system and P2P technology that allows an Internet connection without having to make complicated configurations. So you can always keep an eye on your home or your office, wherever you are.

The kit also supports motion detectors, and can send you an email accompanied a photo when an alarm is triggered. You will be notified immediately in case of intrusion attempts in your home.

What DVR camera choose to secure his home or his office? Many customers have opted for Floureon 4701TC and were satisfied.The cameras of this kit using CMOS sensors and the IR cut technology for infrared vision. Remote access videos is made possible via the Cloud and P2P technology.

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IR-Cut: With this technology and the presence of 24 infrared LED, your camera will continue to record clear images even in low-light and night.

Remote access: The system s Cloud and P2P technology will allow you to access videos recorded by your cameras remotely via tablet or smartphone. You can then perform a continuous monitoring of your home or office.

The Cons

Complicated installation to perform: In their tests, several customers have found that the setting of the cameras and the online service was quite difficult. They would have liked to receive a French manual for help.

AGPtek (EU plug) P2P 720P

By analyzing different comparative on best DVR cameras, you will likely fall on the P2P AGPtek 720P. With this device, no matter where you are, you can view live and recorded video remotely via your smartphone, iPhone, tablet or PC. So you will be more confident knowing you can throw at any time a little look on your property or your loved ones.

The system is equipped with a motion sensor. You can program the machine so that when motion is detected in your home (while you are away), an email notification is sent to you. You can then quickly take the necessary measures in case of intrusion of a burglar, for example. This also applies when an alarm goes off in your home.

With this device you will be able to capture video at a resolution of 720p or 1280 x 720p. With this high definition, you will manage to distinguish details on your videos.This is important, especially when there are objects or people to recognize the images. The camera can also switch to automatic night mode.

Do not rush to the cheapest DVR camera. Prefer instead opt for an efficient model that can bring you satisfaction. The AGPtek (EU plug) P2P 720P could for instance be the case. Its maximum resolution is 1280 x 720 p. It will notify you by mail notification when the alarm or motion sensor is triggered in the monitored zone.

For the

Motion detector: If movement is detected, the device will send you an email notification on your smartphone. You will then be notified immediately in case of intrusion.

High Resolution: By being able to capture videos in 1280 x 720 p, you will get very clear and detailed images. Then you can perfectly see what happens in the monitored zone. You also have the option to switch to VGA or QVGA mode.

The cons

Sizes of high resolution videos  : By registering with the highest resolution videos will be much larger and the memory will be saturated much rapideme

FLOUREON CCTV Surveillance Camera

Looking for a cheap DVR camera but nevertheless is able to meet your requirements? The FLOUREON CCTV might then be the one for you. This camera is equipped with a CMOS sensor that allows it to record video with a resolution of 1000TVL. The videos that you capture will be neat as well, an important fact for a surveillance camera. Indeed, a camera recording blurry images you will not be of much use because the records will then be little or not at all usable. With this Floureon CCTV (see definitions on Computerdo), you will not face this kind of clarity.

It is equipped with 24 infrared LEDs, to continue monitoring the night or in poor light conditions.

You can quite install outdoors. It is IP65 certified effect, that is to say, it is waterproof and is not afraid to be damaged by the various elements (dust, wind, rain etc.). It is also an anti vandalism camera. Understand is that it will withstand shock (due to stone throwing, for example), because it is made in a very robust metal shell material.

The ranking of the best DVR cameras, you probably find the FLOUREON CCTV Surveillance Camera. This camera with CMOS sensor and 24 infrared LEDs allow you to keep an eye on your home or office.

For the

Quality sensor: CMOS sensor of this camera can capture quality images and detailed, with a resolution of 1000 LTV.

For outdoor installation: It is certified IP65, so it does not fear the infiltration of water or dust. It also has an anti-vandalism protection. So it is quite suitable for outdoor installation.

The cons

Night Vision: The resulting images are not clear enough, despite 24 infrared LEDs.