How To Choose Bra (Sports Or Basic): Tricks To Hit With Carving

MOM is not held by any muscle, just by the ligaments of Cooper that are at the top. Continuous motion during the race can lead to a relaxation of these ligaments, resulting in pain. To avoid this, it is important to use an appropriate bra when practiced sport, especially if the exercise is high-impact, as the ‘running’, horse riding or tennis.

Sports Bras as described in should reduce chest movements and have the following characteristics:

They must be elaborated with breathable fabric.

They must not have seams or rings that may cause scratches

They have to own a wide bottom band that avoid to move.

They must be elaborated with adjustable and wide straps.

Hit With Carving, Very Important

It is very important to choose the right bra size. But How will it choose?Bra size is composed of a number and a letter. The number shows the size of the bra and the letter indicates the volume of the Cup. With a tape measure should measure the bottom of the breast – breast Groove-, which will give us a number in centimeters to which must be added 15. This will give us the size. Then, with the tape measure is measured perimeter at the height of the nipples, that will show us the volume and will indicate if we need a bra – less volume-, B, C or D – more volume.

In summary:

  1. To calculate the size- the size, the number-: measure the bottom of the chest and add 15.
  2. To calculate the volume- size, letter-: measure the perimeter of the chest at nipple height.

70% of the breast pain comes from a poor choice of bra. If this piece is not well chosen, to generate a drop MOM – ptosica-which can be a source of pain can be. If the bra is too tight, it can cause abrasions in the skin or injury to fat as liponecrosis. The shoulder straps should be wide and not tighten too because they can be compressed brachial nerve.