How to Choose Board Shorts?

A board short is a beach shorts to accompany the surfer or practicing another aquatic gliding activity. The board shorts have evolved considerably in recent years, notably in components and assembly techniques. The objective always being to promote the fun in practice, avoiding the inconvenience inherent in certain sports.

Our swimming shorts are divided into 2 categories:

Beach shorts

They are designed for all sea activities. They have pockets, an internal thread, elasticized or flat belts, and are available in short, medium-length or long.

We have 4 models in this category of

  • The Hendaia

    • Man swimming shorts Hendaia
      Classic cut that fits all
      Elasticated waist
      Internal thread
      1-3 pockets

  • The Xocoa

  • Man swimming shorts Xocoa
    Body fit for a good performance in the waves
    Elasticated waist
    Anti-sand lining
  • The Bidarte

  • shorts Bidarte
    Loose fit for ease of movement
    Elasticated waist
    Internal thread
    3 pockets


    Slim fit without constraint
    Belt flat
    Internal thread
    1 back pocket

Surf shorts or “Boardshorts”

They are designed for all board sports like surfing, sup, wakeboarding … They have a flat waistband that provides very good performance, their length and the absence of internal thread avoids irritations, their tissue is more elastic facilitates the movements in your maneuvers.
We have 2 models in this category:

  • Lafitenia

  • Lafitenia
    Dual pressures
    Hands down
    Stretch bi-management
    Quick drying

  • The Parlementia 

  • Parlementia
    Stretch quad steering
    No crotch seam
    Cords silicone
    Fast drying

Surf Underwear

For added comfort, Starboard offers surf underwear to use under your boardshort.

The Kola

Underwear man Kola for boardshorts
Protects irritation
Promotes drying of the whole underwear/boardshort
Maintenance during practice

The products have evolved considerably in recent years, particularly in components and assembly techniques. The objective always being to promote the fun in practice, avoiding the inconvenience inherent in certain sports.

What Leg Length?

Even if fashion seems to favor a shorter shorts, it is very important to have a minimum length for a boardshort. Indeed, when the surfer sitting on his board waiting for the waves, the tissue behind the back thigh, below the leg is then in contact and in tension with the wax and the board edge. Creating irritation. The minimum length is just above the knee.

An even longer board shorts can protect the knee during the “ducks” in surfing.


Board shorts offer any elasticated belts, semi elasticated or flat.

If the adaptability of any elastic belt can seduce, it will not support the power of the waves.Most therefore propose a device with adjustable drawstring on the front. Over time, the cord can be annoying.

Ideally the flat belt, just the size of the practitioner. The shorts rests on the hips and does not move once in place, even in big surf.
Some semi-elasticated belts offer an alternative, but the elastic is not “controllable” as built back in the belt.
The fastening system may lace (cable tie), or pressure. It is usually associated with a fly Velcro.

The Materials

Swimming shorts are mainly composed of polyester, with different levels of recycled materials, stretch …
You can find the 85% polyester in your jerseys made from recycled plastic bottles that greatly reduces the environmental impact of manufacturing your equipment.

Another important factor not to be overlooked, the water repellency. It allows rapid drying of the tissue and prevents soak up water (less weight).
The boardshorts use components providing the ease in the magnitude movements made in surfing, for example. By integrating different elastane proportions in their composition, the products become “stretch” and tend to be forgotten in practice.

Depending on the model tissue is elastic in one or two axes, depending on the level and range of prices. We speak of unidirectional or bidirectional stretch.
Some boardshorts are equipped with inner brief, mesh-like material, letting the water and sand. These materials may be irritants. One without inner lining boardshort can be completed by a boxer type underwear, ensuring maintenance and protection of the surfer.

The Seams

The seams may be conventional or specially adapted. Boardshorts use mainly flat seams say that by decreasing the relief of the son and joined fabrics, reduce the risk of skin irritation by friction.

For upscale board short, subject to more intense movements and the assembly technique is often seamless. The panels of fabric are heat-welded and glued, this technique reduces to almost zero the risk of irritation.

Elements Practices Boardshort

You will find on your board shorts pocket that can be used for:

  • Comb wax so handy for “scratching” his board in order to have more grip.
  • A key to surfing screws in order to change or tighten its excesses.
  • An elastic band to attach and keep the non electronic key of his vehicle. bicycle or scooter with you during the session.

Tip: pressure fittings sewn on the shorts used to secure the bottom of a top spandex or neoprene to prevent it rises during the session, exposing the stomach and back.

See the water t-shirt that protects the torso and irritation which offers additional protection UPF50 + against UV A and B at least 95%.