How To Choose a Yoga Mat

When I started yoga, I used carpets lent by the studio where I was going. It was convenient, no need to carry. The concern was not super hygienic side, and the idea of sticking my head on the carpet by imagining that he had already served before is still pretty disgusting. When I started to do more of yoga, I was offered a mat and bag to match. I can leave my mat at the studio, so no transport problem. As a bonus, I also have a light carpet that I care to do yoga at home, or when I go to other studios. Here are questions to ask before choosing your yoga mat.

Several criteria are taken into consideration:

  • thickness: the thicker it is, the more the carpet will be comfortable for the knees or while sitting on it … but it can also become more slippery. A sliding mat is super annoying, and it happens fast enough, as soon as the hands are sweaty (basically, count 5 minutes and hop over, sweaty palms). If the carpet is not thick, provide a cover to slip below the knee in certain postures like anjaneyasana.
  • lightness and maneuverability: you can store your carpet yoga studio, it’s not really a problem, but when you have to carry home, at work, in the studio, out the evening if you do tuck away not at home, it can quickly be cumbersome … If it becomes difficult to go to yoga because you have to carry the carpet, it cancels all the benefits of yoga!
  • matter: yoga brands have understood that the yogini prefer to buy organic mats, recycled material rather than plastic stuff. Some carpets have a non-slip rêvement, sometimes a little too rough.
  • Price: some carpets cost 100 dollars! and yes, yoga is also a business.
  • use: If you use your carpets once a month, take a light, easy to carry, not too expensive. If you plan to use it several times a week, choose a good product!

The yoga mat brands

I conducted the survey among my friends Yoginis. Here is the result :

  • Lululemon. This is the darling that emerged from this study express market. Super comfortable, non-slip (or after really sweating a lot), it is not porous, thus stays clean longer. The problem is that it is heavy, a little more than 3 kg. From $ 88.
  • Jade. They are a bit rough to the touch but do not slip. Natural materials. From $ 70 (part of the price is donated to charity).
  •  Similar to Jade, the texture is a little rough, and it is very heavy to carry. . Again, natural materials  The price is quite unacceptable in principle: from $ 100, but the carpets are guaranteed for life. A safe bet.
  • Gaiam. Finally more affordable prices! Around $ 22 and with beautiful patterns. If you start, and you do not often do yoga, it can be the right carpet for you!
  • Chin Mudra. It is the carpet I have 3 years now. Thick, comfortable, natural materials. A bit too slippery against. It is lighter than other carpets. € 15.
  • Nike and other sports brands. Often lighter, smaller and less thick, they are easy to carry but wear faster and does not spread perfectly flat. I use a Nike carpet as carpet replacement. It comes with a strap … but not holding up very long. € 60.

Bonus Accessories

  • As my carpet is quite slippery, I spread a “yoga towel ” slip over. At first, I spread a simple towel, it was just a small square in front of the carpet, now my large towel covers everything, and it’s easier to clean than carpet. My towel is a Yogitoes , purchased in sales, all pink!
  • I have a yoga bag in which I put my carpet. It’s a little too hippy for my taste-with “om” written in Sanskrit. I find the best not to clutter, is to have a bag where the carpet can be attached on the side, above or below, it’s a little camper, but at least we do trimballe not with too many bags. There are also rugs that fold! Even better.

How to wash their carpets?

In yoga, you sweat as Answermba. If at the end of the course, we drive his stack, it can quickly become a breeding ground for germs and bad odors. In short, a little cleaning every once in a while, it will be good to your carpet and your face the next time it will run on the carpet.

  • After each course, a bit of a towel or wipe history to absorb perspiration.
  • in a washing machine!and yes, it works, but cons, it may take time to dry and the foam really go.
  • With a homemade spray. Corina my girlfriend gave me her recipe: 1 dose Hamamelis (Witch Hazel in English, this is the product that will disinfect), 2 parts water, and 5 to 10 drops of essential oil of Tea Tree ( antibacterial), eucalyptus, vanilla, and patchouli (to flavor, so to vary depending on what you like). To put in a bottle tinted glass (so that the oil does not become rancid).

And if we practiced on the floor?

When I was at Wanderlust Festival a few weeks ago, I did not always have my carpet at hand, I took classes right on the floor, and I must say it was pretty good. Sometimes it’s a shame to be limited to his short stack, at least, without him, we had little feel we can move in all directions.

I wrote this article at the request of Alice , following a tweet. If you have questions, feel free to send me a message too!

And you, what carpet you using? Do you recommend?