How to Choose a Towel or Bath Towel?

Can you choose a suitable towels or why not use fabric softener?

The answer to the common question of how to correctly select the appropriate towels, most of us draw up easy answers “towel should be pleasing to the touch, gentle to the skin and must be absorbent.”

But how do we know that the towel, which we hold in store in your hands, or enchants us photos in the catalog or on the internet store will be one that meets our criteria?

Information about weight, which asks the customer to buy, often distort the image of high-quality towel. Decisions by weight has its advantages, but also disadvantages. Weight informs us about how much cotton yarn was used per 1 m2 of terry cloth, but not about what quality cotton was used. Current weights range from 300-600 g / m2.

Classification of towels by weight:

light 250-350 g / m2
Medium 350-450 g / m2
severe 450-550 g / m2
Very heavy over 550 g / m2

Data source:

Prerequisites for quality towel can be summarized in the following lines:

The main purpose of the towel to wipe, that was absorbent. We will ensure that the natural property of tubular dry cotton fiber, which naturally absorbs moisture. When we thus have good towels, preferably by means of cotton towels, they must be made of high quality and pure cotton yarn. The finest cotton comes from Egypt and the African continent – areas where there is little rainfall. Equally important are the fibers used for yarn. Long (worsted yarn) or short (screw thread). The spindle yarn encountered when working towels, but most of us have at home terry towels from long fibers. Yarn of long fibers of me greater ability to absorb moisture, is stronger and has a longer life.

Buying towels is currently very fashionable. Each manufacturer follows the current trends in the world market and accordingly adjusts its collection. Nowadays it is no problem to tune a bathroom suitable color or style. Bold bright colors, 3D protruding shapes, beautiful flower, leaf, art nouveau patterns on the border, delicate rhinestone stones, combining fabrics with fluffy, delicate fringe, all this can be seen at fashion trends.

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