How to Choose a Smartphone

From 50 years, it is easy to be diverted from these phones. Between brands, capacities, hulls, compatibility, not to mention the new models coming out constantly, it is quickly lost!Here is a guide to properly choose a smartphone and its hull. If you both with technology, discover also how to avoid scams on the web and how to buy online securely.

Before choosing a smartphone and its hull

The first question to ask before choosing a smartphone and its hull is: do I really need a smartphone that sends emails, take hundreds of photos and download all kinds of applications? If the answer is no, then no problem, just keep your current phone, which is certainly more convenient for you when it comes to making calls (plus vintage is fashionable)!

By cons, if you want to be at the forefront of technology, it is better to start now to get to the page. A modern smartphone or a vintage mobile phone as defined on phonejust? Second question: Android, Apple or Microsoft? All these phones except the iPhone interact better with Windows (PC). IPhones in turn work better with Macs, also of the Apple brand. It is a parameter to consider when choosing a smartphone.

How to choose a smartphone and phone shell

Depending on the use you intend to make, determine priorities. Calls, photos, email, etc.Each phone has its own strengths. Some of the best cameras, others a screen and a larger keyboard, others provide a function for voice recognition… Given the number of options available to you when choosing a smartphone , the best thing remains to seek advice from her children, but often the desire to explain everything to them is lacking. If this is the case, we will have to cope alone, or seek the advice of professionals. Once selected the phone, room for customization with a phone shell!

Phone shells, in addition to act as protection in case of fall, also are great fashion accessories styles. They are perfect for expressing your personality and to be attached to your favorite outfits (that you have taken care of washing with a good detergent , it goes without saying!)

For iPhone, you will find the phone shell you like from the many choices available to you.Among the most popular, the mirror shell or shell McDonald’s chips created by Mochino. There are a lot of colors and patterns for phone covers , so make sure it matches just your phone model (brand, size, model). Different shapes and materials are also part with more or less thick shells.

If you are awkward or if you simply want to protect your smartphone, use a phone shellrubber. Some specialized hulls combine rubber and hard plastic screen protector. This gives you not only a very strong protection, but it also protects your screen from dust and scratches, especially if your phone is in the middle of the keys in your purse. These screen protectors are also sold separately.