How to Choose a Skirt for Your Body Type

Whether you are round, small, small, or very slender, here are some tips to avoid mistakes of skirt.

Because it remains a must for sunny days but also an inexhaustible source of complex, the skirt ended not to talk about it. Short, ultra-long, pencil or Tulip version: the choices are many and are sometimes hazardous. Focus on four morphologies types and their variations related to never err:

Like Kylie Minogue, you are rather small

Advantage: just play on the lengths. If the skirt wide Bohemian type won’t be the best effect on you, its mini version you will be perfect.

Skirts to focus on: as you can see, we must focus here on the court. We fake legs to 1 m 10 by opting for a skirt above the knee. The alternative portfolio is also a good idea for a more current look. Denim skirt can also make the case that it selects bail retro, buttoned on the front and high waist.

Skirts to avoid: on the other hand, as suggested earlier, the long skirt will not be your best ally. She may Pack and make you look smaller than you actually are.

Like Christina Hendricks, you’re rather curvy

Advantage: you can put your forms, and this without moderation.

To focus on skirts: near the body skirts can flatter you. We choose the PencilVariant or right to mold the bottom of the body and let breathe the calves. We stay away from the total XS look by opting for a wider and a bit fluid top that falls on the pencil skirt guided through Smber.

Skirts to avoid: all models that could bring you more volume. We leave so the skirt skater or ball in the closet to better harmonize the silhouette.

You are like Karlie Kloss, rather (very) large

Advantage: you are part of the “happyfew” and you have the chance to allow you all (or almost). Don’t everybody too on the roofs still.

Skirts to focus on: if nothing is really forbidden, extra-long, flowing skirts more flatter your figure, also midi version!

Skirts to avoid: any type of skirt seems you be discouraged, enjoy!

Like Kate Hudson, you are rather sport

Advantage: you have a slender and fit. A physique that is, believe it or not, a lot of envy.

To focus on skirts: skirt-shorts will be perfect for you and any line. Another option: the skirt tube or tailor who will refine you more and who is not permitted to everyone.

Skirts to avoid: the miniskirt that might make your thighs of sports a small inconspicuous too! Even abstain.