How to Choose a Radio Clock

Friday, March 22 will be the world sleep day. It is aimed at aware us of issues related to sleep disorders and the health need to have a set sleep and recovery.This year the focus will be on the environment and the reduction of the disturbing factors are: light, noise and temperature. We must sleep, to well to wake up. The opportunity for Novadress to draw up a small panel of the radio alarm clocks.

Ideally, the awakening should intervene at the end of our physiological sleep cycle naturally. But as we know, this is rarely the case. This is why the mechanical clock invented by Antoine Redier in 1847 and the shrill ringtone was almost heart attack has long adorned the houses of our parents and our grandparents bedside tables. Little by little, the alarm clock evolved especially with the radio alarm clocks, who made this particular time of the day more bearable.

The functions

Depending on your needs and your habits you will opt for a dynamic, repetitive and/or soft wake mode.

  • Snooze. Useful for playing small extensions, this function allows you to repeat the ringtone by interval of 8 to 10 minutes.
  • For the alarm, choose between buzz for a ringing alarm clock or radio (CD, MP3, iPhone, etc.) to awaken you in music. To save you a rude awakening, a progressive sound option.
  • Tuner FM analog or digital (with automatic search for radio station). Philips AJ 3551, has the ability to record up to 10 radio stations.
  • Double alarm, convenient for couples when the spouses do not work the same hours
  • Projection: displays the time on the wall or ceiling, it is easier to read the time.
  • Features NAP and weekend as the Thomson CR380PC clock radio
  • Most of the radio alarm clocks have asleep function that will allow you to listen to music or the radio before you fall asleep, the sound will stop automatically.
  • Radiopilotage. Time changes and power cuts can disrupt your device. For more security, choose an alarm clock with this function: the time setting is via radio waves of atomic clock in Frankfurt: Clock Radio sounds and light Oregon Scientific
  • Battery function: to meet an electricity outage, keep batteries in the location reserved for this purpose.

The all-in-one

Most of the alarm clock combine several functions:

  • Alarm clock, calendar, thermometer inside and/or outside projection of the time (on the ceiling or on walls) and built-in tuner:Sony  CEF
  • Clock radio with weather station:ClipSonic AR290N
  • Weather station, Dawn Simulator and station iPod/iPhone:Brandt BCRL4IP
  • Integrated picture frame:Brandt BCRPF20 Clock Radio

Innovations for specific wake-up calls

To fight against failure of Pillow: Clocky at head to the cube will force you to get up to turn it off: Clockyjumps off your bedside table as soon as it sounds and you need to run after to stop it. (Other jumps of express bed guaranteed with the puzzle alarm clock and wake up to propeller.)

Poles, for soft clocks: Oregon Scientific iRelaxawakening, with aroma diffuser, zen music, Dawn Simulator, and sounds of nature will awaken you slowly thanks to the ICMI fumes and enjoyable of its essential oils.

To get them

Go to supermarkets and hypermarkets, but also shops of home appliances as Darty or Baker but also on their website. Turn you also on the side of ‘pure plays’ such as Pixmania, Cdiscount, Amazon , or specialist Oregon Scientific weather stations and small high-tech equipment.

And you, what alarm clocks do you have already tested, which would you recommend? Share your opinion with the community Novadress.

Finally, remember that a 3D clock at phoenixwallclocks is not enough to make you good as a new. The alarm of your choice will work very well with a good night’s sleep, a full glass of water at room temperature and some stretching to the jump of the bed, a hot shower and a hearty breakfast.