How to Choose a Leather Jacket

Outer clothing made of leather is always in high demand because of the convenience, beauty, reliable weather protection and practicality. Jackets leather is always up to date and easy to wear for several seasons, but few people know how to properly choose a leather jacket. Yes, gladly wear something a long time is necessary to allow sufficient time for shopping and to know that the first to be addressed.

Choice of Jackets: Manufacturer

Most importantly – this, of course, producer. Better jacket in the thedressexplorer, not the markets, then less chance of buying poor quality goods, then more and not find a seller.

Chinese production does not deserve attention after Korea and Turkey can not please leather quality at an affordable price. Country Pravets reliable manufacturers of leather products – this is Italy, Sweden, Finland, Canada, United Kingdom. The quality of the jackets of these countries will be at the required level.

How to Determine the Quality?

Sheep or calf skin – the best material for the production of clothing. Leather jacket of buffalo or bull will impress you with its resistance to external influences and pork, in contrast, will quickly lose its original appearance, although it will cost considerably cheaper. Despite the assurances of the seller, check if the skin is natural is used in poshive. If water surface coats, leather absorbs it and potemneet and artificial left drop.

Moreover, you can just hold something in their hands, the skin will become warmer than your palms and replacement will not happen.
The thickness of the skin must be the same everywhere. There are cases where, in order to save the manufacturer uses the skin with a lower quality in the armpits, or in the back of the collar. The skin is bad scarves peel if you slightly poor paint remains wet scarf or towel. Do not hesitate to check something poskrebite fingernail, rub gently soaked in water nosovыm with a scarf so you can make sure in product quality.
Lining of the jacket can be leather or fabric. Skin easily check enough set fire to several hair. Artificial skin burns faster and does not have a specific odor, and “live” will smell hair. Among podkladok filter is preferably viscose by the fact that it is firmer polyester and last longer. The final phase should become smooth, clean seams and working flash.
How to choose a leather jacket? Run and were happy with the result, can be tailored to the size and go to the cashier for payment of the purchase.

How to Choose the Size of Leather Jackets?

Given the characteristics of the material, you should know how to choose the size of leather jackets. The skin is easily stretched, which means the jacket should be strictly limited in size. Unhindered movement of anything should not, put something a few times to lift, then lower your hands. If you experience any discomfort or jacket back it speaks for defect reduction and shall take such a jacket is not worth it.
Now, knowing selecting jacket, and what aspects particular attention, can safely go to a nice shop and try the search is linked things from quality materials. Assortment is huge, there are models for everyone, even the most exquisite taste, differ on a number of parameters. Remembering what probably wear a jacket, you will be a season close to buying responsibly, find exactly what you want, and then autumn and spring will become for you favorite season.